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Why Disguised Toast Is Stepping Away From Among Us

One of the biggest "Among Us" streamers is planning to step away from the game in the near future. Disguised Toast, who no longer hides his face from viewers, has shared that he plans to play "Among Us" less frequently.


During a recent stream, Toast chatted with his followers on Twitch, answering questions from fans, when he eventually opened up about his decision. "'Among Us' isn't that popular," Toast said. "And honestly, when I think about playing 'Among Us,' I'm not excited." Toast went on to say that he does like playing the game with his friends, mainly because of the social aspect of the game, but he added that "you can get that with any other game, too."

In the past, Toast has frequently played "Among Us" with other notable streamers, like Corpse Husband, Sykkuno, and Valkyrae. Though he wants to continue playing with his friends, it seems like "Among Us" might not be the best fit for him anymore. It's also worth noting that some drama recently arose when Disguised Toast wasn't invited to participate in Jimmy Fallon's "Among Us" livestream earlier this month. However, Disguised Toast did not mention this as a factor in his loss of love for the social deduction game.


"It's just that all the different scenarios that come up in 'Among Us' have come up," Toast said. "I can't come up with anything new anymore." Toast didn't say he would stop playing "Among Us" altogether, but that he'd be "slowing down" the "Among Us" content. He added that this decision was "a long time coming."

Toast insinuated that it might be possible to make "Among Us" fun again with mods or alterations, even though "you can't really change up the core gameplay." That is, unless gamers decide to add additional roles or jobs in order to make the game more interesting. Toast didn't go into specifics about what an altered "Among Us" might look like in his eyes.

One fan mentioned "Minecraft" as an option for Toast's crew to stream, and Toast didn't completely rule it out, though he said many of the people he streams with have played a lot of "Minecraft" in the past. Toast shared that he "liked the idea of playing 'Minecraft,'" but didn't guarantee anything. He mentioned that he could play a modded version of "Minecraft," but that players might not enjoy it as much as the vanilla version. 

As for other options, Toast said he'd try "Grand Theft Auto" if he got "really bored." He also teased the possibility of doing other sorts of streaming content. "People love it when streamers go outside into the real world, right?" Toast asked. Overall, Toast emphasized that the thing he enjoys most in any video game is the camaraderie between teammates and the social interactions that games allow people to have. Hopefully, he'll find his next favorite game soon.