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Games You Should Play If You Need A Break From Animal Crossing: New Horizons

As much as "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" keeps players engaged, it's understandable if you need a break, especially if you're a hardcore fan who's played daily and uncovered all of its secrets. Though the latest "Animal Crossing" is a hit with seasoned pros and series newcomers alike, it sure isn't perfect. "New Horizons" has plenty of things that need fixing, and after playing for an extended amount of time, even the best games can start to feel a little stale.


Even on a perfect day on your "ANCH" island, you may find yourself wishing for a totally new adventure. If so, you're in the right place. As much as you love this game and how it subtly changed the series, it'll only be more enjoyable after a well-earned break.

Here are some games you should check out when you need a vacation from "Animal Crossing: New Horizons." Don't worry; these games are all very cute.

Cozy Grove

"Cozy Grove" offers a rich story and satisfyingly short bursts of daily gameplay. One of its creators, Spry Fox CEO David Edery, told IGN that this game contrasts the "weird capitalist fantasy" of "ANCH," putting much more of an emphasis on helping others in need.


"Cozy Grove" has a lot of what fans love about "ANCH," including crafting, fishing, cute animal friends, and opportunities to collect items and decorate your very own island. Though the full campaign "Cozy Grove" offers about 40 hours of play time, daily quests typically take around a half hour, depending on the player. 

The intriguing stories you hear from each of the games ghost bear characters tend to be a lot deeper than the interactions in "New Horizons." If greeting neighbors in "ANCH" is your favorite thing, you're likely to love "Cozy Grove."

Another key difference between "Cozy Grove" and "New Horizons" is the presence of birds and deer to take care of, as well as the refreshing feeling of daily accomplishments. The biggest commonality is that both games are undeniably chill and adorable.


"Cozy Grove" is available on Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PlayStation, Steam, Epic Games Store, and Apple Arcade for a reasonable $14.99.

Stardew Valley

"Stardew Valley" is another game that features fun farming and friendship elements at first glance and a deep plot that will make it even more impactful after playing for awhile. "Stardew Valley" has dark undertones that come out through in the characters' stories, so if "ANCH" left you craving a more impactful plot, this game may have a lot to offer you.


There are a lot of exciting surprises in this one, and over 50 hours of gameplay in the main story alone. With all it has to offer, it's pretty cool to know that "Stardew Valley" was made by just one person. An indie game that's just as inviting as "New Horizons" may be your ideal breath of fresh air. Even better, while "Stardew Valley" may or may not receive a sequel in the future, the developer has improved the game over time with a number of updates.

If this recommendation satiated your need for a strong game similar to "Animal Crossing," then here's some even greater news: there are even more games like "Stardew Valley" that you may enjoy.

Pokemon Sun and Moon

Though the core gameplay of both "Pokemon Sun" and "Pokemon Moon" couldn't be more different than that of "Animal Crossing: New Horizons," the games actually have way more in common than meets the eye.


If cute animals are what drew you to "Animal Crossing," then the whole "Pokemon" franchise has a lot to offer you (after all, who doesn't love a tiny owl wearing a tie?). Though there's no replacing your favorite "Animal Crossing" villager, both "Sun" and "Moon" feature tons of particularly adorable Pokemon. Plus, it takes place in the sunny, Hawaii-inspired Alola region, which may appeal to fans of the island living in "New Horizons."

It's also worth noting that both games heavily involve grinding and collecting. Whether it's shaking every single tree to get that bonus furniture item in "New Horizons" or working hard to level up your Pokemon in "Sun" and "Moon," the satisfaction of both repetition and variation is the same. 


Enjoy these fresh game ideas while you take a break from "New Horizons" — but don't forget to pick some weeds on your island, or else they'll pile up.