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Monster Hunter Rise Is Getting Three Classic Monsters For Free

When "Monster Hunter: World" hit store shelves, the game shipped with a sizable library of monsters both new and old. Many gamers wondered if other classic creatures would show up and how Capcom would implement them. The company released a steady stream of free updates with monsters from "Monster Hunter" past, and Capcom didn't stop even after the "Iceborne" expansion came out. Sure, gamers had to wait a long time to fight previous powerhouses like Rajang, but they didn't have to pay an extra cent. Now, the critically acclaimed "Monster Hunter Rise" is taking the same monetization approach.


The recent Monster Hunter Digital Event revealed a slew of information about upcoming developments in the world of "Monster Hunter," most notably in the form of "Monster Hunter Rise" Ver. 2.0. The update will smash onto Nintendo Switch consoles April 28 and drag along three old terrors. 

The invisible trickster Chameleos is finally slinking into the game, while the Elder Dragons Teostra and Kushala Daora will also be making their way to the areas surrounding Kamura Village. Not only can players slay these walking elemental disasters and carve them up to forge new weapons and armor, but skilled hunters can ride them and channel their destructive abilities. Nothing says catharsis quite like hitting a Tigrex with the full fury of Kushala Daora's tornados.


If Capcom only included these three dragons with the update, gamers would be pleased, but the company doesn't produce "Monster Hunter" by half measures. Ver. 2.0 will also introduce the Apex Rathalos and Apex Diablos, which will accompany Rampage missions. Also, according to the "Monster Hunter Rise" website, players will be able to accept new standard missions and hunt Apex monsters on their home turf.

While "Monster Hunter Rise" revolves around the thrill of the hunt, the upcoming update will provide more than new monsters to add to your trophy list. Ver. 2.0 will let players unlock their Hunter Rank caps. The higher players climb the rank ladder, the more Rampage and Arena Quests they will unlock, and players will eventually be allowed to tackle Ver. 2.0's monster additions. With the unlocked cap also comes the ability to forge layered armor, which is ideal for players who want to rock one armor set's look without sacrificing another set's stats.

Capcom has more updates planned for the future, including new quests, returning monsters, and expanded story chapters. Expect the next big update to release by the end of May.