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Fans Just Got Bad News About Resident Evil

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the "Resident Evil" franchise, Capcom decided to release "Resident Evil Re:Verse," a multiplayer online game where players can team up with friends and battle some of the most famous villains from "Resident Evil" history. Originally, Capcom advertised "Re:Verse" as a bonus game to be packaged with "Resident Evil 8," but now fans will have to wait a little longer to battle monsters online.

Though Capcom hasn't commented on the reasons for the delay yet, an update to the "Re:Verse" website has indicated that Capcom will release the game in Summer 2021, instead of alongside "Resident Evil 8." Luckily, fans who purchase "Village" will still receive access to "Re:Verse" when it releases in a few months.

There are a few likely reasons behind the "Re:Verse" delay. On April 8, Capcom explained that developers have experienced issues with the open beta test matchmaking services. The devs decided to suspend the open beta temporarily, but resumed testing later in April. The team even instituted an additional beta test to help resolve further issues. It seems that Capcom feels committed to making "Re:Verse" the best that it can be before giving it an official release.

Beta testing did not seem to go smoothly for "Re:Verse." One tester reported that they waited three hours to be matched with no luck, while another simply said the game was "awful." Perhaps the most condemning comment came from Twitter user @MadDeniels, who said, "this as a 25th anniversary gift, is like gifting your spouse a used rest stop toilet." Oof.

Aside from the difficult beta test, it is also possible that the game was delayed due to working difficulties during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Many games have suffered setbacks throughout the pandemic and were ultimately delayed as a result of closed offices or transitions to working from home. Of course, Capcom might just be wary of releasing a product that's unfinished. While some titles, like "Monster Hunter Rise," have been successful despite feeling partially unfinished, others weren't so lucky. For example, the now-infamous "Cyberpunk 2077" experienced several delays, some due to the pandemic, and disappointed fans with its unfinished, buggy state

Luckily, summer isn't too far away, and "Resident Evil 8" should be able to keep fans busy while they wait for "Re:Verse." After all, there's a beautiful and very tall lady roaming the halls of an old castle in "Resident Evil 8," and that situation seems like it needs attention.