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The Iconic Retro Game Over 32% Of People Really Want Remade

There's a harsh truth about retro games that someĀ gamers may have forgotten: some of the best classic games are brutally difficult. But despite how punishing old-school video games might be, people keep coming back for more. These venerable titles have withstood the test of time, proving that no matter how rough those polygonal edges might be, the games are so good, they often justify the extra cost of buying an old console.


You don't always need to pick up a retro system to experience the classics, however. There are plenty of ways to revisit these challenging games, often with quality-of-life enhancements to make them a little easier. In some cases, a retro game will receive a facelift, offering classic gameplay with a modern look.

So, when it comes to remakes, which old-school game deserves a makeover the most? SVG polled 508 people in the United States to see what would be the most desired retro game remake. This is what the fans had to say.

Do the Mario ... 64, then do it once more

The "Super Mario" franchise remains one of the most important series in video game history, so it probably comes as no surprise that a whopping 32.38% of gamers would love to see a remake of "Super Mario 64."


This N64 classic made its return on the Nintendo Switch as part of the seriously disappointing "Super Mario 3D All-Stars," though it wasn't quite enough to scratch the itch. If anything, that port was a reminder that when it comes to graphical fidelity, "Super Mario 64" actually hasn't aged all that well.

For a full-fledged remake, updating the visuals in "Mario 64" would presumably only be the beginning. Nintendo could add new levels, multiplayer modes, and even allow fans to play as Luigi, much like in the Nintendo DS version. While "Super Mario 64" is a beloved classic, there certainly is room for improvement, and it seems like fans agree.

There are a few other older titles gamers would be eager to see with a fresh coat of paint. At 25%, "Donkey Kong Country" was voted second place, and "Star Wars: Dark Forces" came in third, garnering 15% of the vote. Will fans get to relive these retro favorites on a grander scale? Perhaps, but until that day comes, you may want to hang onto your old school systems.