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Corpse Husband's New Video Has Fans Freaking Out

Corpse Husband saw a quick rise to fame after his music went viral on TikTok. Between playing games, telling scary stories on YouTube, and his signature deep voice, this faceless streamer has captured the hearts of plenty of fans. These very same fans started freaking out after a mysterious new video was posted (and pinned) to his Twitter account.


The odd video shows Corpse on a cliff, floating, and then the end of it features a slight side angle of his face — notably without any type of covering. At one point in the video, a question is posed to the viewer: "Is this even real?"

The video was apparently animated by a fan, and Corpse's followers say it was submitted after Corpse asked for fan art on Instagram. However, Corpse Husband apparently liked the video so much that he shared it on several different platforms. Fans are losing it over the new video, and several people have looked for a deeper meaning in it all.

One of the more popular fan theories is that Corpse might be planning a face reveal. As Twitter user @EllenR203 pointed out, the video depicts him without his famous mask, which would seem to hint at some kind of reveal. One commenter didn't think so, and suggested that the video could instead be a hint towards a song release or something. The new video notably features background noises like rain and wind, which Corpse also used in his song "Agoraphobic," so this theory could be correct. It's worth noting that Savage Ga$p, who worked with Corpse Husband on the track "E-Girls Are Ruining My Life," also seems to believe that an album is on the way.


Besides fan theories, people mainly expressed their confusion and concern for Corpse. It has never been a secret that Corpse deals with a variety of health and anxiety issues, and fans were quick to dish out support in response to the video. 

When it came to being confused, a lot of fans created memes or posted funny comments. Twitter user @emma48625966 said "Corpse you can't be doing this during finals week. I'm only supposed to be confused about one topic at a time." Fan account @corpseclipsy posted a screenshot from the video to reiterate the question on everyone's minds: "Is this even real?"

While no one except for Corpse (and maybe the artist of the clip) knows what's going to come from this, one thing is clear: the Corpse Husband fandom has not fallen off.