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Glitchpunk - What We Know So Far

The cyberpunk aesthetic is hot right now. The release and record-breaking sales of "Cyberpunk 2077" proved that gamers want to explore worlds that feature examinations of the line between man and machine. While "Cyberpunk 2077" wasn't a perfect game by any means, not as many people wanted a refund as one might think. Other games, like the hidden gem "Cloudpunk," offered a different sort of cyberpunk experience by allowing players to view the action from an isometric angle. "Glitchpunk," the new game from Dark Lord and Daedalic Entertainment, promises to combine the best of both worlds with an isometric, cyberpunk themed look at the life of an android.


"Glitchpunk" puts players in the shoes of an android with the ability to "glitch." Androids that can glitch can disobey their programming, choosing a life of free will over servitude. "Glitchpunk" covers many familiar themes to the cyberpunk genre, like transhumanism and xenophobia, but it also delivers extreme action, making it a promising combination of thoughtfulness and fun.

When will Glitchpunk be released?

"Glitchpunk" will go into early access on Steam during the second quarter of 2021, meaning sometime in spring or early summer. That means that fans don't have to wait long to get their hands on the game.


For the impatient, or for anyone that wants to get a sense of what the game will be like, Daedalic Entertainment briefly released a game demo on Steam. Gamers could play "to your heart's content" for one week before the demo went offline. Yes, the demo isn't available anymore, and that's bad news, but there's still video footage of the demo floating around the internet. 

YouTuber The Island Dweller released a 40 minute look at the demo earlier this year, which should be enough to whet anyone's whistle. While watching a video might not feel the same as being in the drivers' seat, it's a great way to see what kind of game "Glitchpunk" will be.

Is there a trailer for Glitchpunk?

Another solid way for you to experience the aesthetics and overall mood of "Glitchpunk" is to take a look at its trailer. The "Glitchpunk" announcement trailer is short of details, but big on style.

As the trailer unfolds, a glowing neon alleyway lights up the screen as "the future is now. The drugs. The guns. The control" appears in capitalized, blocky letters. From there, the trailer shows an isometric view of gameplay, with cars racing down busy streets, gunfire, and cries of bystanders in the background. The trailer also tells people to "drown in neon lights and perverted dreams." 


The latter part of the trailer shows potential player characters demonstrating the binary paths gamers might take, like "diligence or neurosis." Players can choose to succeed or fall into even greater trouble as they progress through the game.

A separate "mission overview" trailer shows how gameplay will work in "Glitchpunk." Needless to say, "Glitchpunk" looks to be a futuristic dose frenetic fun.

What is the gameplay like in Glitchpunk?

"Glitchpunk" describes itself as "a feast for all fans of high-octane action, explosive shootouts and cyberpunk aesthetics. It is top-down action inspired by the classics of the genre, wrapped in a futuristic neon cloak." Players can drive, shoot, and bash their way through the city, sometimes pitting rival gangs against each other.


At least, that's one strategy that the lead developer at Dark Lord revealed in a preview for "Glitchpunk." In the "mission overview" trailer, players get a sneak peek at how missions will work within the game. Sometimes, missions provide extra cash for players to use for upgrades, and other times there's a story component involved. Regardless, players must navigate rival gangs and tense political climates in order to complete jobs. Successfully completing missions will earn players new tech, which they can use to upgrade their android body and gain new abilities.

Regardless of how you choose to play through "Glitchpunk," it promises to be an action packed and exciting addition to the cyberpunk genre.