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Ninja's Finally Back To His Old Self

Tyler "Ninja" Blevins is no stranger to violent outbursts. Many other streamers can't stand him because of various things he's said or done, but that clearly hasn't slowed Ninja down, as he's one of the most popular streamers on Twitch. While many believe Ninja has transformed over the years into a more mature, level-headed streamer, his recent experiences with "League of Legends" ranked matches show that there's still a bit of the "old" Ninja in there.


Lately, Ninja has been rage quitting and blaming teammates, just like the earlier days of his career. After dying in a recent "League of Legends" game, Ninja stared at the "Your team needs you" prompt for a few seconds before stretching, sighing, and telling his fans he was going to be off stream for the rest of the day. However, before that unusually calm outburst, Ninja threatened to rage quit streaming, aggravated at a particularly bad match.

Another recent stream featured Ninja showing a similar sort of resignation. After ending a match, Ninja suddenly declared he had to go to sleep. "I'm gonna pass out," Ninja said, before mentioning that he probably wouldn't stream the next day. To be fair, Ninja had been streaming for a long 10 hours, but the abrupt departure seemed to be directly linked to his frustration with the game, rather than his exhaustion.


It's possible that "League of Legends" just isn't the right game for Ninja. After quitting "Fortnite" earlier this year, Ninja turned his attention to "League," a notoriously competitive game that could drive any streamer to anger. Streaming compilations have shown Ninja's frequent slip-ups and outbursts on air, in which he has referred to teammates as "trash" and generally displays something of a rocky relationship with "League of Legends."

Ninja's fans seem simultaneously concerned about the streamer and excited to see him return to his old ways. One Ninja fan pointedly tweeted in response to his stream, "I'm worried for your mental health." Most of Ninja's followers were excited, though, with one tweeting an excited shout of "SHEESH" in response to news of him going live. 

Fans might not be hearing from Ninja for a while, and not for "League of Legends"-related reasons. On April 28, Ninja tweeted that his grandmother had passed away and that he would be stepping away from streaming until after her funeral. Sometimes, there are simply more important things than ranked "League of Legends" matches.