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The Most Unsettling Moments In New Pokemon Snap

"Pokémon" is a mostly family-friendly series, but it does have its creepier moments. "New Pokémon Snap" is no exception, reminding audiences that these creatures truly live in a "Pokémon eat Pokémon" world. They aren't entirely free of animalistic instincts and environmental perils, even if some of them do snuggle and frolic together. The game even encourages players to uncover some of the most disturbing interactions with photo requests. 


Players only see a snapshot (pun intended) of the wildlife they observe. So what happens to Pokémon who disappear into that dark horizon? Sometimes, they get a happy ending. Sometimes, the truth can be much more unclear.

Of course, this ambiguity doesn't erase the thought of certain fan favorites turning into someone's lunch, or worse, falling to their demise because of a supposedly harmless Fluffruit. These are some of the most unsettling moments players have uncovered in "New Pokémon Snap."

Pidgeot swoops in for a snack

Players get acquainted with Pidgeot and Magikarp early in the Florio Park course. However, they might not necessarily know about Pidgeot's seafood preferences until they bop it with a Fluffruit. After that, Pidgeot switches from its position on a nearby ledge to a tree right above Magikarp. Then, it snatches the flailing orange fish before your eyes and carries it into the distance. Professor Mirror's aide, Rita, doesn't even try to hide what happened, remarking that Pidgeot must've carried Magikarp to its nest.


Fans lamented Magikarp's unfortunate fate before the game even released. "Remember, kids! Pidgeot is a bird of prey," one Redditor wrote about an early trailer that featured Pidgeot's fishing skills. 

To be fair, this isn't the first time a bird Pokémon tried to make a meal out of another creature. In the animated series, Misty yells at Ash for pushing Caterpie to fight Pigeotto because "birds eat worms." This game is here to remind players that birds also eat fish.

Sharpedo hunts Squirtle

In "New Pokémon Snap," Squirtle nearly swims its last course, and all thanks to a certain shark Pokémon. Sharpedo speeds after Squirtle in a Jaws-like fashion, only for it to escape onto Lapras' back. Lapras berates Sharpedo with a disapproving cry, forcing it to sulk away empty-handed (or empty-mouthed). However, without the help of its sea dino friend, who knows if Squirtle could have survived Sharpedo?


This isn't the only time Sharpedo causes anxiety at the reef, either. Sharpedo and Machamp appear later in the course in what seems like another chase. Machamp swims butterfly-style through the seawater, with Sharpedo right at its tail. However, Professor Mirror explains that the two seem to be racing. Players who follow the two until the end clearly see Machamp panting at the finish line and Sharpedo's celebratory reaction, so the prof's theory checks out — this time. 

It's hard to argue Sharpedo was "racing" with Squirtle, though. 

Drifblim kidnaps Clamperl

Drifblim and its pre-evolved form Drifloon have a reputation for spiriting away children and Pokémon. So, when Drifblim picks up Clamperl at the beach, onlookers couldn't help but worry for the pearl Pokémon's safety.


In the "New Pokémon Snap" trailer, Drifblim drops Clamperl with its friends instead of carrying it away to nowhereland. The narrator even went so far to say that the two Pokémon seemed to be "getting along famously" and said Drifblim seemed to be a "gentle" Pokémon. That hasn't seemed to stop commenters from suspecting the balloon Pokémon of ulterior motives, though.

Most trailers and text seem to support this idea of a friendly Drifblim. However, upon further investigation, Drifblim's Photodex entry (via Serebii) reads: "Apparently, some of the Clamperl they've carried away are still missing." 

So, while some may say #NotAllDrifblim, skeptics are right to be suspicious. If you follow Drifblim without any intervention for the evening reef course, it disappears into the sunset with Clamperl still in its arms.


Finneon becomes bird food

What may seem like an innocent feeding time for Finneon apparently turns into its last supper. A few schools of Finneon pop up throughout the reef, but Wingull has its eye on one at the very start. If the player throws a Fluffruit at this especially full pack of Finneon, then that's enough to convince one of them to poke out of the water for a nibble. Tragically, Finneon rises to the surface just long enough for Wingull to snatch it by the tail and steal it away from its friends. 


But wait, it gets worse. A close-up of the Finneon's face clearly shows its pained expression as Wingull carries it away in its beak, which makes the moment even more horrifying. Wingull's catch of the day also counts as a 4-star photo op, so players will probably need to sacrifice a couple of Finneon to get a perfect shot of the split-second swoop. 

Frillish drags Magikarp into the deep

Frillish supposedly hides sinister intentions behind its peaceful smile. The jellyfish Pokémon can be found happily swaddling Magikarp with its tentacles in one of the Undersea levels. However, what might seem like a friendly gesture is actually Frillish descending into the abyss of the sea with poor little Magikarp. 


According to the Photodex, Frillish sometimes "drag other Pokémon down to the depths of the sea." In fact, Pokédex entries have consistently mentioned its tendency to poison foes with its tentacles and spirit them away to their underwater lairs. The descriptions don't elaborate on why, but onlookers can assume the outcomes are offscreen for a reason. Other victims of Frillish's mischief include Lanturn, but there may be a few others that players have yet to report.

As noted by Dexerto, fans were quick to comment on the early trailers that featured the eerie interaction between Frillish and Magikarp. One Twitter user wrote, "Frillish smiling creepily as it descends into the darkness with a wriggling Magikarp stuck in its grasp is my new paralysis demon."


Graveler falls into a fire pit

"New Pokémon Snap," much like the original title, encourages players to throw fruit as they please. Sometimes, a Fluffruit makes a tasty snack or gentle wake-up nudge for the right Pokémon. Other times, it can land a Pokémon in deep water — or, in a Graveler's case, deep lava.


Throwing a Fluffruit at one of the hanging Gravelers in the volcano causes it to lose its grip and fall into a lava-lit pit. Players like Redditor Atarrix have commented on the seemingly endless drop. Fire types may not be very effective against Rock, but it's hard to believe that Graveler is immune to the scorching heat of the earth's core. 

One Redditor points out a Graveler sleeping next to some Charmanders at the end of the map. This could be the same Graveler, proving it didn't exactly meet a fiery demise. Still, players will have to continue to hope that Graveler is more magma-proof than it leads on.