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Barney Has Finally Arrived In Resident Evil Village

While Lady Dimitrescu was busy making a TikTok account, another character rose up the ranks to be your new favorite "Resident Evil Village" character. "Resident Evil Village," the eighth mainline game in the "Resident Evil" series, has shown off some pretty scary gameplay between the various trailers that have been released. However, one mod is proving to be more horrifying than anything else fans have seen. Barney, the lovable purple dinosaur of children's television fame, can be added to "Resident Evil Village" through a new mod.


While "Resident Evil Village" was in the demo stage, a modder by the name of Marcos RC took advantage of the opportunity to create a Barney mod for the game. The mod, which is available from Marcos RC's Patreon, was shared by the creator on Twitter. However, this isn't the first time that Barney has been featured in a mod. One fan remarked on Twitter that Barney was once seen in an old "Doom" mod as well, where players were forced to take out the dinosaur. 

Barney doesn't have too many fans

The Barney mod got a lot of attention, but it wasn't because the beloved dino had a ton of fans. Instead, it seems like most people directly responded to the creepiness factor of the mod. 

Many users referenced alternate, darker lyrics to one of Barney's famous songs, replacing the original words with a sincere promise to destroy Barney. For some gamers, the mod brought up memories of an old internet game called "Kill Barney," in which players did just that. Who knew Barney had so many enemies?


Things kept getting creepier when fans started thinking more about what kinds of sounds that Barney might make in the mod. Overall, many people agreed that Barney was scarier than whatever in-game enemy the dinosaur was replacing. 

Some fans were genuinely impressed by the work that went into the mod. One fan felt that "it looks like Barney was MEANT to be in this game." Another user, @dengekicomics, likened the mod to expressionist art. Whether you get the mod or not, Twitter user @Rclarke115 may have summed it up best: "The 'RE' community never fails to amaze me."