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Games Like RuneScape You'll Definitely Want To Try

"RuneScape" turned 20 in 2021, and some fans are looking for new experiences after spending more than a decade in the game. Whether you're an "Old School RuneScape" player or "RuneScape 3" lover, many people have been on the hunt for a newer MMORPG that's similar to "RuneScape." However, with so many MMORPGs on the market, finding the most "RuneScape"-esque one is difficult.


There are some specific things about "RuneScape," both the original and the most updated game, that make it stand out from other games in the same genre like "World of Warcraft" or "Elder Scrolls Online." Some of these include the systems behind leveling up skills, PvP play, minigames, and even bossing. While some of the game's quests are controversial, questing is another lovable aspect of the game.

While no other game has come close to filling the shoes of "RuneScape" to dedicated fans, there are a few that have come close. If you're looking for a fresh MMO that can bring you back to your first days in "RuneScape," then check these out — you'll find elements of "RuneScape" in all of them.

Albion Online

While "Albion Online" isn't the newest game on the market, it's still an MMORPG that "RuneScape" fans can find enjoyment in. According to one Reddit user, the two games have a similar crafting/gathering mechanic and "death mechanic." However, as the user pointed out, "Albion Online" isn't as "afkable," which basically means you can't walk away from your computer and expect your character to continue whatever he or she was doing.


The major differences between the two games are the amount of content in the game along with the combat system. As another Reddit user pointed out, "Albion Online" doesn't have as much of a "sandbox" feel compared to "RuneScape." They also pointed out that this is probably because "Albion Online" is much newer than "RuneScape," so it hasn't had time to build up content.

The combat system is much more geared for solo players — if you're someone who didn't utilize the social aspects of "Old School RuneScape," then you'll probably enjoy the combat of "Albion Online."

Black Desert Online

"Black Desert Online" is a fairly new MMORPG that's captured the hearts of many "Old School RuneScape" players. As Reddit user PurpleKiwi describes the two games, "'Black Desert Online' is like 'Old School RuneScape' but modernized ... while unfortunately being severely hampered by pay-to-win."


PurpleKiwi gives a pretty in-depth analysis of the two games. They're very similar in terms of economy while also being completely opposite. Along with the grinding systems, the PvP experience, and the availability of content, the two games are surprisingly similar despite looking different. What this means is that the games feel like each other without having the exact same systems in place — this helps "Black Desert Online" not feel like a knock-off "RuneScape."

The most glaring difference, according to PurpleKiwi, is how much "Black Desert Online" is fueled by pay-to-win. However, despite needing to sink in some money in order to be competitive at all, the game is still enjoyable and comparable to "Old School RuneScape."



As one of the newest games on this list, "TitanReach" is an MMORPG that's, as YouTuber Protoxx says, is actually like "RuneScape." With graphics worthy of a 2020 Kickstarter game, this game gives one of the closest "RuneScape" experiences the "RuneScape" YouTuber has ever experienced.


"TitanReach" is similar to "RuneScape" in the same way "Black Desert Online" is — the games look very different, and the systems aren't the exact same, but they feel similar. For example, the graphics and color scheme of the two games aren't really similar, but they're still close enough that you can tell "TitanReach" took some inspiration from "RuneScape." Additionally, "TitanReach" has a third-person point of view, which is very different from the first-person point of view "RuneScape" has. 

There's still potential for "TitanReach" to get more updates as well because of how new it is. Considering the game is "a modern re-imagining of old-school style MMORPGs" according to its website, things like PvM features and other "RuneScape" staples could come at one point.



Let's be honest — "MapleStory" and "RuneScape" are very different games, but there's a reason "Maple Story" is on this list.

Grinding in "RuneScape" is something every fan knows is inevitable. It's a major part of the game, and it's even why so many people love it. If you're one of those grind-chasing fans, then "MapleStory" could be perfect for you. It won't replace "RuneScape," but it can bring the right player a lot of enjoyable moments. 


"MapleStory" is a game that's all about the grind. Sure, there are some quests and "stories" that you'll play through, but there isn't anything you'll really be doing except skipping through dialogue to get to another 2D map where you sit down and spam attacks in order to gain experience. You can play with friends if you'd like to take on the grind together, or you can solo through everything to level up quicker.