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Did Resident Evil Village Rip Off This Horror Movie?

"Resident Evil Village" has a whole host of terrifying monsters that deviate from the baddies seen in "Resident Evil 7." Unfortunately, a few of them might not be so unique to "Village." Filmmaker Richard Raaphorst accused Capcom of plagiarism via a post on his LinkedIn profile shortly after the game's release, claiming that one of Capcom's new creatures was nearly identical to one featured in his 2013 movie, "Frankenstein's Army."


"Frankenstein's Army" takes place near the end of World War II, and follows a group of Russian soldiers that discover a secret Nazi experiment to create half-human, half-machine weapons. Though "Resident Evil Village" doesn't feature Nazis, it does have its share of strange experiments, especially in the last act of the game.

In his LinkedIn post, Raaphorst explained that all of the monsters featured in "Frankenstein's Army" were his own original design, and that Capcom used one of those designs without "authorization or credit." Raaphorst then posted side by side pictures of the two monsters in question, allowing fans to chime in.

Later, Raaphorst responded to a longer Twitter thread of several creatures from "Resident Evil 8" that resembled creations from "Frankenstein's Army," saying, "Oh dude, this is worse then I thought. First I felt angry, then proud, but now I see this, I feel sad." The mix of emotions makes sense, considering the similarity of some of the images.


Beware of "Resident Evil Village" spoilers ahead.

Comparing the creatures

The Twitter thread comparing monsters from "Resident Evil 8" and "Frankenstein's Army" highlights just how similar some of the creatures appear to be.

The first creature in question, who players meet late in "Resident Evil 8," is a man with a plane propeller attached to the top half of his body. Seeing the two versions of the plane-propeller man side by side highlights that there aren't a lot of differences between them. Both creatures have the bodies of men, and a plane propeller atop their shoulders, however the "Resident Evil 8" monster does not have arms, whereas the creature from "Frankenstein's Army" does. 


While the design of the two monsters might be similar, what's more alarming is that their stories seem eerily familiar as well. Both monsters were part of experiments and intended to be weapons. In fact, all of the monsters from "Resident Evil 8" that resemble Raaphorst's designs come from the same section of the game, and are part of the same set of experiments.

Capcom has not responded to VGC's request for comment yet. 

"Resident Evil 8" features a wide variety of monsters, all ready to kill protagonist Ethan Winters at a moment's notice. While they might not all be as sexy as Lady Dimitrescu, they have a lot of stories to tell. Fans can only wait to see how this accusation moves forward, and if Capcom addresses the shared aspects between "Village" and "Frankenstein's Army."