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Even Resident Evil Village Isn't Safe From Mr. X

"Resident Evil Village" has already received several creepy mods, but now modders can take a break from creating. The ultimate mod is here, bringing Mr. X from "Resident Evil 2" back into the franchise. That's right, players can now enjoy a Mr. X-inspired version of Lady Dimitrescu.


"Lady X," a mod from ZombieAli on Nexus Mods, places a Mr. X themed skin over Lady Dimitrescu's character model. The result is creepy perfection. Instead of her usual pale, perfect skin, Lady X has a wrinkled, gray tone resembling Umbrella's infamous Tyrant. Of course, the mod doesn't replace Lady D's giant black hat with Mr. X's fedora. Some things, after all, are sacred, and the hat was part of the motion capture sessions of "Resident Evil 8."   

Mr. X remains one of the most iconic characters in "Resident Evil" history. In many ways, he paved the way for Lady Dimitrescu and her imposing tallness. Most importantly, Mr. X is one of the most notorious, best villains in the franchise. But who is he, really, and why should gamers want Lady Dimitrescu to pay homage to him?


Mr. X's origins and enduring popularity

Mr. X first appeared in "Resident Evil 2," where he was one of the main villains of the game. Beyond his relationship to the zombie-making T-virus, Mr. X hunts players throughout the game, inspiring a constant mood of anticipation and fear (particularly in the "RE 2" remake). Lady Dimitrescu behaves similarly to Mr. X, following Ethan Winters around her expansive castle, and fans have taken notice.


Online, several gamers have asked for and predicted something similar to the "Lady X" mod. One player predicted that a creative modder would program Mr. X to look like Lady Dimitrescu in "Resident Evil 2," while others recalled modders' work in the past and foresaw the works to come.

For others, the similarities between Mr. X and Lady Dimitrescu end at their love for fine hats. One player tweeted a meme displaying the love they have for Lady D, which is contrasted by the absolute fear they feel upon seeing Mr. X. To each their own.

Lady Dimitrescu is already proving to be the most popular moddable aspect of "Resident Evil 8." While there are some great changes players have made to Mr. X in "Resident Evil 2," none top Lady D's many facelifts in "Village." (Okay, maybe the Mr. X Thomas the Tank Engine mod comes awfully close. )


If reskinning Lady Dimitrescu isn't your thing, it's always possible some tips for defeating Mr. X will also prove useful in tackling the tall vampire.