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This LEGO PlayStation Actually Works

There have been some unique custom consoles going around the internet lately, but the newest one might be even cooler than Queen Elizabeth II's gold Wii. LEGO can be useful for plenty of things, whether it's building random designs or building replicas of popular things. But what happens when you combine LEGO and other forms of entertainment, like video game consoles? Why, you get a functioning LEGO PlayStation.


TikTok user BonkersBarman took to the platform on May 5 to show off a PS1 that he made entirely out of LEGO. In the first video, BonkersBarman showed off the working reset button on the system. At this point, it was already functioning well enough to be played, as BonkersBarman displayed by popping "Gran Turismo" into the CD drive. A controller was plugged in, BonkersBarman was able to make the car in "Gran Turismo" make a turn, proving that the controller port was also working. 

The LEGO PS1 was only missing hinges and the final, gray-colored blocks for the lid, as BonkersBarman shared in a second video. With that, BonkersBarman ordered the parts needed to complete his masterpiece.

Other LEGO PlayStation parts might be coming

TikTok user Zach Leto commented and asked if BonkersBarman had ever tried making a controller entirely out of LEGO. In the response, BonkersBarman mentioned that creating a LEGO controller is something he wants to try doing in the future. Another user, Waaaveeey, asked why BonkersBarman chose to make a PS1, instead of a PS4 or PS5. In response, BonkersBarman said that there are plans to recreate those systems, but they require more LEGO. Maybe fans will get to see BonkersBarman construct a functioning DualSense in the future.


Based on the user's Instagram posts, BonkersBarman has been a PlayStation fan for quite some time. BonkersBarman, who goes by the same handle on Instagram, showed off his extensive collection in a post from March. According to BonkersBarman, he owns every single PlayStation console model ever released, including Japan-exclusive systems.

Naturally, the LEGO PS1 that BonkersBarman created will make a great addition to his collection. This could be a spark of inspiration for PlayStation fans who are waiting for the PS5 to be available. It's never too late to build your own gaming console, one brick at a time.