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Over 50% Of People Agree That This Is The Best Far Cry Game Of All

The "Far Cry" series is undeniably one of Ubisoft's tentpole franchises. Like the company's "Assassin's Creed" titles, new games in the series act as major expansions on what came before, with each offering new characters, a new setting, and even new gameplay mechanics for players to experience.

However, where the "Assassin's Creed" games connect through its genetic time travel story device, the different "Far Cry" games often don't have any narrative threads tying them to one another. While general principles such as an open-world approach and a fight against despotic leaders are common themes that connect the games, "Far Cry" has utilized its narrative freedom to explore some genuinely unexpected spaces. These have included left turns such as an adventure in prehistoric Europe in "Far Cry Primal" and an 80s-inspired retro-future Earth  in "Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon."

With such a high degree of variance from title to title, it can be tough to objectively compare each game in the series to the others. To figure out which "Far Cry" game is the best, SVG asked over 2,400 gamers worldwide which one was their favorite. The results yielded a clear winner, with over 50% of people naming one title as the best "Far Cry" ever.

The majority of gamers think that Far Cry 4 was the best in the series

By a wide margin, the 2014 entry in the franchise, "Far Cry 4," was the one that most gamers thought was the best, securing an impressive 53% of the vote. "Far Cry 4" distinguished itself with a setting that was both modern and unique, telling a story set in the mountains of Himalaya that incorporated the terrain's verticality into the standard "Far Cry" open-world exploration.

The game was also made unique by its story and, most significantly, its mesmerizing villain, Pagan Min. While promotional images of Pagan Min did cause some controversy for Ubisoft when taken out of context, he ultimately proved a compelling adversary within the game's universe.

In second place is "Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon," which received 18% of the vote. This 2013 spin-off, released as a standalone expansion to "Far Cry 3," sent gamers into the not-so-distant future/past of 2007 and cast players as cyborg hero Sergeant Rex "Power" Cole. The game prominently featured a garish neon aesthetic and pit players against a legion of robots and cyber dinosaurs. While extremely weird, the game is clearly remembered as an enjoyably unique entry in the franchise.

Many of the titles in the Far Cry series have impressed gamers

While "Far Cry 4" was the favorite for most gamers, nearly every other major title in the franchise had supporters in SVG's poll. With 8% of the vote, the third-place finisher was "Far Cry 2." Released in 2008 and set in Africa, this installment helped establish the open-world gameplay that the majority of the series would go on to use.

In last place was "Far Cry New Dawn," which still had 4% of fans naming it as the best "Far Cry" game of all. "Far Cry New Dawn" is the most recent "Far Cry" release, and acts as a direct sequel to one of the endings of "Far Cry 5."

However, 18% of respondents said their favorite "Far Cry" game was not listed and opted to write in the title they felt was the best. The most popular write-in candidate was "Far Cry 3," which was set in a Pacific Island environment. Next was "Far Cry 5," the first game in the series to take place in America. The over the top "Far Cry Primal," the only game in the series whose events take place in a historic setting, also received a solid share of write-in votes, as did the original game in the series.