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PewDiePie Has Strong Words For Resident Evil Village

Right after YouTube star PewDiePie beat "Resident Evil Village" during his May 12 livestream, he had a lot of thoughts to share about the new title. In the final installment of a six-part series of multi-hour "Resident Evil Village" playthrough streams, he offered his reactions and gave a strongly-worded review to his fans and the world. In short: he loved it, believe it or not.

"That was f***ing great," PewDiePie said immediately after wrapping up "Resident Evil Village." He went on with more positive perspectives on the title: "I loved it. It's a really fun game!" But that wasn't all he had to say.

Pewds went on singing the game's praises, which blew away even his relatively high expectations, given the fact that he chose to stream the entire thing. Like many other "Resident Evil Village" fans, he was looking forward to getting to know more about the game's notorious and meme-worthy sexy vampire, Lady Dimitrescu.

"I would say it actually picked up in the end even more," PewDiePie said on the topic while replying to a fan chat message. "It started off so strong with Dimitrescu that I didn't think it would pick up, but it picked up in the end a bit." The whole experience left him feeling "pleasantly surprised," and he truly had no negative opinions to express.

PewDiePie's "Resident Evil Village" Praises

So, what about the game captured PewDiePie's interest so intensely? Original characters made a big difference to him, as did the well-executed horror elements of the game: "It had some scary moments ... but they made the gameplay fun as well," he said. In other words, he felt that every element of "Resident Evil Village" was integral in making it an overall stellar experience.

If he had to put a number to it, Pewds would go with "a strong 8 or 8.5." Beyond the excitement of playing "Village," he's looking forward to whatever's next for the franchise. He remarked, "I'm actually, like, excited for 'Resident Evil' again after they deliver these great games," he said. It's a promising perspective that a franchise that's been around for a while is still making relevant, fresh installments.

Though there was nothing but praise for "Resident Evil Village" from PewDiePie, he still had one unanswered wish: "I just wish 'Silent Hill' would also come back." While there's no official word on what's in the cards for "Silent Hill," fans like Pewds are keeping an ear to the ground since the rumors about a new game are getting juicy.