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Small Details You Missed In Cozy Grove

Spry Fox's "Cozy Grove" is the "Animal Crossing" look-a-like that no one knew they needed until it arrived. However, between helping out ghost bears and bringing as much light as possible to the island the game is named after, fans fell in love with the game, particularly thanks to a few key differences from "Animal Crossing."


Despite the short time commitment the game asks of you when you sit down to play, the game features months of campaign content ready for players — about 40 hours of total gameplay. Beyond that, players can look to complete their badge collection and decorate the island to have even more fun.

The game's Switch store page mentions that players can expect about 30 minutes of content a day. Even though you won't spend hours going through content on the daily, there are still small details in the game that are easy to miss. 

Keep a lookout for these details as you play through this enchanting life sim game.

You'll fall asleep in-game if you play too late

"Cozy Grove," much like "Animal Crossing: New Horizons," functions in real-time. Every day that you play is a new game in the day, and you can't progress past that day until the next calendar day. As Spry Fox Support says, "new campaign days begin at five am according to the device/computer running the game," and cheating the system can result in a corrupted save file.


So, what happens when you're playing at five in the morning? Well, your character will fall asleep right on the spot. After a few moments on the ground, you'll pop back up, ready to help out more bear spirits. 

This isn't unlike other games that have daily updates, like "Splatoon 2" or "Animal Crossing: New Horizons." It's actually a pretty cute way to start the day while also letting your Spirit Scout get a quick snooze in, even if it's not an ideal amount of sleep.

Everyone's island is a little different

Unless you've created multiple saves — which this game does let you do — you might never know that each island is unique. The space where certain spirits appear is slightly different between games, and it's a neat feature, considering you can decorate your island. This guarantees that multiple people don't end up with the exact same island.


This can be difficult to handle when you're looking for quest items. Lost items are pretty common, and considering everyone's island is different, you can't just search the internet for a specific location when things get tricky. Luckily, this is where the bear named Charlotte Pine comes into play. Charlotte can help you find anything for a small transaction of gold, which can make finding things in black and white areas much easier.

With multiple different save files, you can experiment with several different Lapland layouts for yourself and figure out which one you like the best. Since the game describes itself as a 30 minute to an hour time commitment per day, it's not too difficult to maintain a few islands if you really want to.


The seasons in the game mimic the seasons in the real world

You wouldn't know that "Cozy Grove" actually mirrors real world season unless you've somehow progressed enough to get to the next season. It's no secret that the developers made the game to be played in real-time, so having seasons change just continues the immersive experience.


According to Spry Fox Support, there are 12 seasons in the game: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter, as well as and a late and early period for each of the four. These seasonal changes impact both plants and fish that players can find on the island, and there are even medals you can achieve by playing for the first time in each of the 12 seasons.

You'll still get the same fruits from your trees, but there will be different bushes for sale. For example, you can buy Snoberry Bushes in Winter and Late Winter. However, you'll be able to harvest Snoberries year-round once you have the bushes in your possession.