MrBeast's Burger Joint Has Fans Divided

When Mr. Beast appeared in the news for giving a restaurant server $100,000 to quit her job, it seemed like a good source of karma for his own pop-up restaurant venture, MrBeast Burger. Unfortunately, that turned out not to be the case. Fans are now flocking to Twitter to share their bad experiences with MrBeast Burger.


"Minecraft" Streamer GeorgeNotFound, who frequently collaborates with Dream, posted a review of two burgers ordered from MrBeast Burger. George had glowing things to say about the two burgers, noting that they were full of meat and gooey cheese. It makes sense that George would give his fellow streamer a thumbs up, but other gamers didn't have such nice things to say. One could say they even had beef with MrBeast. 

One Twitter user said that the MrBeast location near them was recently shut down due to "health code violations." When some gamers tried to argue that MrBeast wasn't directly responsible for the poor quality food, the poster responded, saying, "If you're gonna be the poster boy and act like you're the owner of these ghost kitchen restaurants you need to be able to take the blame for giving people salmonella." 


Of course, while salmonella doesn't come from beef, the sentiment remains. Most restaurants don't have such a prominent figurehead to receive all the blame for a company's wrongdoings.

Customers have beef with MrBeast

Another reviewer tweeted several photos of burgers that were simultaneously burnt and undercooked. Another person described getting fried cookie dough instead of fries with an order.

In fact, several people posted that their orders were undercooked or just plain wrong. One customer alleged that their chicken sandwich was raw, as was a burger a friend ordered. Another person replied in shock, exclaiming, "I hope no one says 'that's medium rare!' Like no that's RAW. it looks like the same way it usually does when the beef comes from a pack you get at a grocery store or something like [that]." No one wants a raw burger, and raw chicken can be downright dangerous. 


It seems that many MrBeast Burger locations have been getting by without ensuring that their food meets specific quality standards. Of course, MrBeast is an insanely rich streamer who can likely afford to take the economic hit of bad business, but that doesn't mean his reputation wouldn't be somewhat tarnished by bad reviews. 

There's still time for MrBeast to wrangle his burger franchise into better shape — especially since it has expanded internationally — but some customers already feel burned by their bad experiences.