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This Player Beat Mario 64 Like A Drum

"Super Mario 64" has been around for 25 years now, yet gamers are still finding interesting new ways to play. If you thought the N64 controller was difficult to negotiate, imagine playing the game with an actual musical instrument. Then consider the challenges of speedrunning while utilizing such a unique setup. Well, believe it or not, one gamer decided to try it, and not only did he manage to beat the game, but he did it faster than most could under normal circumstances.


Recently, a YouTuber who goes by the name CZR uploaded a video where he completed a 70-star run in "Super Mario 64" using a special drumkit that was modded to work like an N64 controller. His goal, according to the description, was to finish the game in one hour and 34 minutes, which is exactly double the time of the current 70-star world record with a standard controller. CZR ultimately beat his own goal, clocking an impressive hour and 28-minute run.

Effortlessly jamming through Super Mario 64

CZR's video opens with a demonstration of his skills as a drummer, proving that the kit functions as a regular instrument as well. While this is happening, a button layout, which offers viewers a visual cue of how the drums are mapped, lights up sporadically, indicating that not every part of this kit is wired to execute a specific controller function.


Playing the game in this manner is entertaining enough, but CZR continued to play the drums during cutscenes, adding some extra accompaniment to the soundtrack. Of course, the actual gameplay did not lend itself to much of a rocking beat, but it's incredibly impressive to watch him expertly execute Mario's robust array of acrobatic movements with such an unconventional controller. He even managed to effortlessly traverse "Hazy Maze Cave," which is basically the one Mario level everyone hates.

For those who wish they could replay this N64 game for the first time, CZR proves that there are plenty of creative new ways to approach your favorite game. The speedrunning community encourages gamers to come up with their own innovative challenges, like insane blindfolded speedruns and new controller techniques.


You may not be ready to jam your way through a "Super Mario" game on a rock instrument, but attempting to beat a personal record may be the first step into a whole new world of gaming.