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Ring Fit Adventure 2: When Will We Get A Sequel?

Ever since Nintendo officially unveiled its "Ring Fit Adventure" and Ring-Con in 2019, not only have gamers had a unique way of getting in shape, but they were given a whole new method for playing games on the Nintendo Switch. Fans have even thought outside the box, using the Ring-Con controller for new and exciting challenges. Players have learned that "Dark Souls 3" is even harder when using a Ring Fit Controller, but they've also discovered that it could be the best way to play "Breath of the Wild." 


Regardless of those other applications, the game and peripheral's primary purpose is to make it fun to stay healthy and active. Whether you're looking for a light workout or you want to challenge yourself by speedrunning an intense exercising game, "Ring Fit Adventure" is a great title for all sorts of gamers.

When it comes to exercise, it's always good to change up your routine. If you've been playing "Ring Fit Adventure" for a while now, you may feel like you're long overdue for a new workout. You may be wondering if there be a "Ring Fit Adventure 2" to work your muscles even further. Here's what you need to know.

Is Ring Fit Adventure fit for a sequel?

In February 2020, a user on Reddit inquired about the future of "Ring Fit Adventure." In their post, they wanted to know if there was any sort of plan in place for DLC or any other expansions. The user explained that they were "Rapidly chewing through the game." 


Fortunately, it wasn't long before Nintendo announced a free content update for "Ring Fit Adventure," offering consumers new things to do in the popular exercise simulator. While that was an exciting bit of news, a content update is not a sequel. 

No announcements for further DLC or sequels have surfaced, leaving fans to speculate as to whether or not "Ring Fit Adventure" was meant to be a one-off. However, previous Nintendo properties may give fans a hint at the future of "Ring Fit Adventure."

If you look to the "Wii Fit" series as a point of reference, you will notice there were two follow-ups: "Wii Fit Plus" and "Wii Fit U." It's entirely possible that "Ring Fit Adventure 2" could happen, but as of now, Nintendo has not given fans anything concrete. Perhaps the next installment will come following the much-anticipated Switch Pro release.