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Lady Dimitrescu's Hat Is The Real Danger In This Mod

A tip of the hat is in order. A particularly comedically-minded gamer has created a "Resident Evil Village" mod in which Lady Dimitrescu's hat gets larger every time you encounter her. YouTuber Kallialee showed off the larger-than-life mod in a 33-second video that will definitely have you cracking up by the end, if not sooner.

The video shows shots of Lady Dimitrescu entering the room — with a progressively bigger hat each time. It's not long before her hat gets so big that it covers her face and completely fills the screen. It comes complete with its own big shadow, and by the end of the video, it starts to look like a giant flying saucer has landed on her head. Of course, the stylish angle she wears the hat at stays on point the whole time, so the visual could be described as equal parts fierce, funny, and fashion-forward.

A comically big hat is the perfect match for the villainous vampire who is actually even taller than gamers first thought. The discussion around Lady Dimitrescu online has not slowed down since "Resident Evil Village" was released. A lot of fans are especially thirsty over the elegant, dangerous woman. This mod, on the other hand, is as wholesome as it is hilarious.

Gaming's Newest Mad Hatter

If you've got your heart set on playing this mod, you'll have to be patient. According to The Gamer, the mod isn't available for download yet, but it's suspected to be available in the near future. In the meantime, you can practice the actual pronunciation of Lady Dimitrescu's name or check out a few other creepy "Resident Evil Village" mods that are available now. 

Even though there's time to kill before the mod (hopefully) drops, fans are already expressing their excitement in the comments section of the video. One YouTube commenter wrote, "The fact that it even casts a shadow ... Finally we can have Lady Dimitrescu as a beach umbrella[.]" Jumping in on the goofy fun, user Master Ada wrote, "no creatures in this castle will suffer any sun damage." There were plenty more jokey and pun-filled comments, including one user's remark of "hatters will say its fake."

If you ever think you've seen all the Lady Dimitrescu jokes and edits in the world, think again. There's no end to the fun, so be sure you're up to speed on the latest can't-miss "Resident Evil" memes. Clearly, "Resident Evil Village" fans know no limits when it comes to creating hysterical content about this woman who wears many hats — all of them oversized, of course.