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The Resident Evil Lady Is Even Taller Than You Thought

Ever since Capcom's Resident Evil Showcase event a few weeks back, during which the publisher unveiled new Resident Evil Village footage and launched a new demo, fans have been preoccupied with one thing: Lady Dimitrescu. The game's mysterious vampire lady has captured the imagination of gamers everywhere, leading to all kinds of fan-created content inspired by the character. 


In just a short time, fans have produced art, memes, and more cosplay than you can shake a stick at. In other words, it has kind of been impossible to avoid the love-fest that the internet has been having for Lady Dimitrescu. Capcom naturally caught wind of the Tall Vampire Lady mania sweeping the nation and issued a statement to clear up one particular piece of information about the character: her incredible stature.

As Resident Evil Village art director Tomonori Takano revealed, "If you include her hat and high heels, [Lady Dimitrescu is] approximate 2.9m (approximately 9'6") tall." Yes, you read that right. Lady Dimitrescu, the internet's newest vampiric obsession, is a whopping nine and a half feet tall. To put things in perspective, that means that, in real life, Lady Dimitrescu would be even taller than Robert Wadlow, the man who holds the Guinness World Record for being the tallest man who ever lived. Wadlow clocked in at 8'11.1" tall, so Lady Dimietrescu would have several inches on him.


Previously, fans believed they had finally figured out how tall Lady Dimetrescu is supposed to be in-game. Kotaku's Ash Parrish managed to compare Dimetrescu's height with the doorframe that she famously bursts through, and calculated that the vampire lady would stand about 86 inches tall, coming in at just over 7 feet. Now, fans know that the character is significantly larger and, therefore, more in charge.

The statement from Capcom revealing Lady Dimitrescu's height also thanked fans for their support and excitement for the game, which will be released May 7, 2021. Now that one of the game's most meme-worthy mysteries has been laid to rest, fans may need something else to tide them over until Resident Evil 8 arrives.

Of course, not all of the discourse surrounding Resident Evil Village has been entirely positive. Players were dismayed by one of the other characters to be revealed during the Resident Evil Showcase: the Duke. That character, which fulfills the same function as the mysterious Merchant from Resident Evil 4, has been seen as a fat-phobic caricature by some fans