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Genshin Impact's Leaked Characters - What We Know So Far

There's a good reason why fans of miHoYo's "Genshin Impact" have learned to keep their eyes peeled for leaks from community leaders. Even though leaks usually don't contain any official information, they often end up manifesting in the game in some way. 


In the past, data miners have discovered eight characters, including characters that have since released in the game — with a few tweaks. Hu Tao and Rosaria, only two of the eight characters, already debuted in banners and quests. Albedo released as a Geo Polearm user, though he apparently leaked as a Bow user. Yanfei, who leakers once called Feiyan, made it into the game with a revised name. Leaked designs aren't necessarily finalized, but these few characters didn't change enough to upset fans.

Of course, many leaked characters don't have any kind of confirmed release window. However, fans might find it useful to know who they can probably expect in the future. Keep in mind that this list doesn't include Harbingers and other NPCs who have appeared in quests and trailers with no signs of imminent release. And remember, as always, to take leaks with a grain of salt.


Are you looking to save up your primogems for precious waifus and husbandos? Well then, here's everything we know about upcoming leaked "Genshin Impact" characters.


Ayaka Kamisato is one of the most well-known and widespread leaked characters, mainly because she was already a playable character in the "Genshin Impact" Closed Beta Test (CBT). Beta testers have posted gameplay videos of her from the CBT, proving her existence. As a result, "Genshin" databases like Honey Hunter World also have been able to post in-depth information, including her elemental skills, constellations, and voice lines. However, those details could change before her official release, whenever that may be.


Ayaka's voice lines reveal her background as an Inazuma noblewoman and "princess of the Kamisato house." The official Genshin Impact Twitter account posted that Guuji Yae, a shrine guardian who has only appeared in the Chinese "Genshin Impact" 1.5 update stream so far, welcomed the "lady of the Kamisato house" as the shrine's first visitor of the new year. However, miHoYo didn't elaborate on whether or not the New Year tweet meant Ayaka would be coming to the game in 2021. 

According to fan account Genshin Report, an insider source from miHoYo has said that fans might see Ayaka before her birthday in September.


Rumor has it that Kazuha travels alongside a pirate fleet as a wandering ronin from Inazuma. Project Celestia, a "Genshin" leaks account, describes Kazuha as a "gentle and carefree soul," which suggests he has an easygoing personality. 


He's an Anemo sword user like the Traveler, but their skills differ significantly enough that players who need more crowd control might want him. Like Venti's burst attack, Kazuha's elemental skill seems to pull enemies together. According to data miner Zeniet, Kazuha supports teammates by "combining Anemo with other elements and dealing AoE damage by gathering enemies together." Meanwhile, a video from Dimbreath showcases Kazuha's skill and burst.

Fans can anticipate even more Kazuha leaks on the horizon. Honey Hunter World even created a helpful resource page with information on his known voice lines and skills. And according to noted "Genshin" leaker Lumie, Kazuha might release as the next 5-star character banner after Klee's rerun.



Tohma leaked as part of the eight-character set from the beta test. Sometimes fans spell his name as Tohama or Touma, but data miner Lumie claims that his name is spelled "Tohma" in data files. Whatever the case, his name and relationship with Ayaka imply that he's from Inazuma.


Ayaka is the only character who mentions Tohma, so miners don't have much information on him. However, one line of dialogue asks him to fetch her umbrella, so he could be a servant of some kind. In another, she mentions having Tohma apologize to firefighters on Yoimiya's behalf. She also fondly recalls a time when Tohma wolfed down a matcha cake, only to spit it out because it tasted so bitter. Assuming he likes cake but hates bitter food, he might have a sweet tooth.

Tohma is apparently a Pyro polearm user like Hu Tao, which fans think could make him a contender for a "budget" version of her, as Xiangling is often called. However, miners don't have enough information just yet to determine his playstyle. Also, miHoYo hasn't announced any plans to include him in future banners.



Fans also found out about Yoimiya from Ayaka's voice lines. However, unlike many other leaked characters, data miners haven't found images of her actual character design. The only real lead is a Chinese leak, which the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor Discord translated. According to the leak, Yoimiya appears as a teenage girl wearing a revealing shrine maiden outfit.


The translated leak describes Yoimiya as a Pyro Bow user from Inazuma. She works as a shrine maiden, presumably for the Grand Narukami Shrine. Her personality remains largely a mystery, because the only hints available are from Ayaka. The Cryo princess talks about Yoimiya's duties as a shrine maiden, which include orchestrating festival fireworks that apparently lead to apologies to firefighting teams (likely tying into Ayaka's dialogue with Tohma).

The same Chinese source that leaked information about Yoimiya's character model also claimed she would be one of the first Inazuma characters offered in a banner after Kazuha. She might even arrive in the game before the much anticipated Ayaka. Sukuna, a miHoYo insider, claimed that the devs haven't opened Yoimiya to beta testing yet, even though her character design has been finished.



Shenhe, sometimes called Shenli, is supposedly a Cryo character that hails from Liyue. Her name and color scheme resemble Cloud Retainer, a crane adeptus and guardian of Liyue. The Chinese characters in Shenhe's name apparently translate to "crane god." As a result, some fans think she might be Cloud Retainer's human form. However, data miner Lumie has pointed out that these theories aren't reflected by any concrete data in the game's code.


Shenhe originally leaked as a Claymore user. However, Genshin Leaks reported (in a tweet archived by Dual Shockers) that recent data mining indicates she might have changed to a Polearm or an elemental Catalyst user instead. This data miner suggested that a Catalyst user was more likely, simply due to the number of Polearm users already in the cast. 

Another theory suspects that the character might have been discarded altogether, and elements of the character were turned into Eula. Also known as the "Spindrift Knight," Eula is also a 5-star character and a Cryo Claymore user, as well as a member of Mondstadt's Knights of Favonius.

Either way, fans have to wait to see which rumors come true. Sukuna reported that miHoYo threw Shenhe "under the bus." While it's unclear what Sukuna means by this, it seems unlikely that she's coming to a banner anytime soon.



Yaoyao, a Dendro Catalyst user, leaked as one of the first Dendro characters coming to the game. Her chibi appearance suggests she might be around the same age as Klee and Diona, which aligns with what other characters say about her.


Xiangling describes Yaoyao as a "fellow chef" who works under her same master at Wanmin Restaurant. The rambunctious cook recalls a time where Yaoyao tattled on her to their master, so she might be more serious than Xiangling even though she's younger.

Ganyu also looks after Yaoyao. One of her voice lines explains that someone at the Ministry of Civil Affairs asked her to make sure she doesn't sneak aboard the Crux — a.k.a. Beidou's pirate fleet. Her connection to the Ministry of Civil Affairs and why she would want to board a pirate ship isn't clear.

Lumie recently posted Yaoyao's walking animation from the open beta, although her character design could change before release. She might appear during Liyue's Moonchase Festival alongside Baizhu, another rumored Dendro character.



Baizhu first appeared during an Archon Quest in Liyue's storyline. He runs Bubu Pharmacy, a shop that sells ingredients for potions and foods, though he doesn't often man the shop himself. In fact, Qiqi was in charge when she sent the Traveler and Zhongli on a wild chase for Cocogoat Milk. According to Qiqi's story files, Baizhu took the zombie girl in after discovering her in the mountains, and supposedly planned to study her to find the secret to immortality.


The Liyue resident and pharmacist has a reputation for encyclopedic medical knowledge. Another time, Baizhu acted as Yanfei's medical witness for her testimony against a Snezhnaya merchant who rented a fraudulent Smaragdus Jadeite accessory to a merchant's daughter. Some others, like Paimon, remember him because of Changsheng, the talking white snake around his neck.

"Genshin" fan news account BaizhuMains posted a leak that claimed Baizhu might release as a future 5-star Dendro Catalyst user for the Moonchase Festival. The aforementioned Yaoyao, who also uses Dendro, might join him.


Yunjin apparently acts as Liyue's idol, much like Barbara does for Mondstadt. Lumie has posted a 360-degree render of the character that showcases her long dark hair, pompom bonnet, and violet-accented dress and accessories. Her elegant, almost gothic style fits her reputation for the finer arts, and one of Xinyan's voice lines says that she apparently likes "rock n' roll."


Multiple Liyue characters talk about Yunjin in their voice lines, including Keqing, Xingqiu, and Zhongli. Keqing in particular mentions that Yunjin's performances at Heyu Tea House attract such a large audience that passerby can barely squeeze through the streets. "There's not a merchant in Liyue who wouldn't buy up the place if they had the chance, and Yunjin is the reason it would be worth every Mora," Keqing says.

Reddit leaker P_alladium claims Yunjin is a Geo Polearm user like Zhongli. Leaks haven't discovered how her kit differs from his, but she could end up as a sort of budget version of him.


Sayu, who appears to be the same size as Yaoyao in the eight-character closed beta test leak, looks about the same age as existing child characters and wears a ninja uniform with a tanuki-hooded cape.

Leakers don't know much about Sayu, aside from what Ayaka says about her in certain voice lines. In one exchange, the Traveler confuses Sayu for a "tanuki ninja," and Ayaka corrects them. "She is neither a tanuki nor a ninja. Haha. Next time you see her, give her this candy," Ayaka says in a leaked line. A tanuki, or "raccoon dog," is an animal often involved in quirky Japanese folklore (via Atlas Obscura). Judging from these comments from Ayaka, it can be deduced that Sayu is neither ninja nor animal — but she might be a sweets lover.


According to Zeniet, Sayu is an Anemo Claymore user from Inazuma. However, miHoYo hasn't revealed any official details about her. Fans of this so-called "tanuki ninja" might need to wait until several other characters make their debut before finally seeing Sayu spring to life.


Mimi, one of the other characters from the CBT leak, is still a bit of a mystery. Lumie's render of the character details her water-themed robe with flowing ribbons tied behind her back. She's supposedly a Hydro Catalyst user from Inazuma. Unlike some of the other leaked characters, however, none of the existing cast members mention Mimi in their voice lines. Additionally, no one has been able to leak her involvement in the storyline.


However, this lack of information hasn't stopped Mimi fans from discussing her possible playstyle in forums like the Mimi Mains subreddit. One Redditor imagines that she might be a helpful addition to a Xingqiu-based team comp. Her Hydro Catalyst combined with his Hydro swords could consistently apply Wet status, giving certain team configurations an edge in the fight. Barbara, Mondstadt's token Hydro Catalyst user, sometimes plays the same role while healing her team.

Until miHoYo acknowledges her existence once again, fans will just need to fend for themselves without Mimi.