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The Scary Reason Alinity Is Filing A Police Report

Streaming comes with risks. Corpse Husband has almost been recognized because of his voice in public, and famous faces like PewDiePie, JackSepticEye, and Boogie2988 have all admitted to struggling with mental health issues that arise from being a public figure. While mental health and self perception are big factors in the dangers of streaming, internet celebrities also occasionally face physical threats from overzealous fans. Now, another streamer has gotten caught up in one of the scariest aspects of streaming. Alinity, a streamer with a complicated past and huge following, recently posted about a harrowing experience she had with fans at her home.


On May 23, Alinity tweeted, "Showing up at a content creators house is considered harassment. I do not tolerate this and will be contacting the police and an incident report will be filed." Without more information, fans immediately responded with an outpouring of support and empathy. 

Fellow streamer DizzyKitten tweeted, "Oh god.. I'm so sorry this happened to you. The same thing happened to me a few years ago and it was terrifying. I hope you're alright!" One fan said that no one should go onto another person's private property except in an emergency, no matter how old or young that person is. 

Fans show their support

Fans waited for more details on Alinity's situation, and Alinity followed up a few hours later. She explained, "I'm fine, I was pretty shaken up. It was just a bunch of bored children that thought it would be funny?" 


Alinity said that the perpetrators were in her chat room while she was streaming, detailing what her home looked like and saying they were outside her window. Ultimately, Alinity said she was safe, and her fans seemed relieved that she had filed a police report to document the incident.

At least one gamer had a dissenting take on Alinity's experience. They tweeted, "She posted every corner of her home and as long as they didn't enter her property, they didn't breach anything. They were just outside in a public street." On the other hand, most of Alinity's followers seemed to support her concern and applauded her for taking action to protect herself in her own home.

YouTuber Boogie2988 was recently arrested for a similar incident that had a very different ending. However, unlike Boogie2988, Alinity did not brandish a weapon at her would-be stalkers, nor did she get involved beyond calling the police to report the incident. As streaming evolves and streamers become more and more famous for sharing their lives on the internet, it seems that content creators can expect the invasion of privacy to be another risk of playing games online. Luckily, this incident did not conclude in a dangerous confrontation.