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Dark Conscience From Biomutant Is Gorgeous In Real Life

There are few voiced characters in "Biomutant," the new game from Experiment 101 and THQ Nordic, and two of them are the voices of the protagonist's conscience. In a game with an expansive morality system, it can be fun to be bad, and it just so happens that players' Dark Conscience is gorgeous in real life.


In "Biomutant," players must make difficult moral decisions as they navigate a post-apocalyptic landscape. As explained by IGN, the players” morality is personified literally on the screen as your Dark and Light Conscience. 

Light Conscience, or Light Aura, has an angelic, bright body and comforting, feminine voice, while Dark Conscience is a more menacing figure, complete with bat-like wings. The two characters frequently argue with each other, showing players the different pathways throughout the plot of "Biomutant." 

Alex Jordan voices Dark Conscience, the conniving evil half of the player's psyche. While his character may be ethically slimy and physically creepy, Jordan himself seems both kind and handsome.


Jordan, who attempts to lead players astray throughout "Biomutant," tweeted his happiness about participating in the game, saying, "I began following the development of #Biomutant years ago... Now I'm voice acting in it!!! ... I'm playing the game right now, come say hi! Let's get dark!!!" 

Even though Jordan voices the violent and unpleasant Dark Conscience, he frequently tweets about how much he loves voice acting, using plenty of exclamation points along the way.

Jordan has a blossoming career

Jordan has a lengthy list of voice credits to his name, as well as acting gigs. Jordan voiced Pikefish in "Yaga," one of the most charming games to be featured on Apple Arcade. He also served as one of the player character voices in the favorably reviewed "Demon's Souls" for the PS5. In fact, Jordan has posted video of himself recording the audio for "Demon's Souls," slashing and kicking right along with the actions occurring on screen. While Jordan was clearly enjoying himself, the video also illustrates that he's willing to do whatever it takes to add dimension to a voice acting job.


According to an interview with Alternative Magazine Online, Jordan is a gamer himself and likes to play the games he works on, including "Biomutant." Fans can coften atch Jordan on his Twitch account, streaming games and having a great time. Many of Jordan's streams seem to raise money for charities that help women seek out basic care and shelter when dealing with domestic abuse. In other words, fans can rest assured that although Jordan might play an evil spirit, he's actually very generous.