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This Super Smash Bros. Legend May Be On His Way Out

Masahiro Sakurai has earned the status of video game legend with his work creating and directing the "Super Smash Bros." franchise. Even so, life as a gaming icon cannot be easy, especially when fans are constantly critical of your creative decisions. Perhaps that's why Sakurai seemingly has his eye on getting out of the game. That's not to say he has any definitive plans, however, it's recent comments have indicated he's entertaining the idea of early retirement.


A post from Japanese blog ryokutya2089 (translated by Video Games Chronicle) contains a few blurbs from Sakurai's column in an upcoming issue of the popular Japanese gaming periodical Famitsu. In this column, he seems to flirt with the idea of early retirement. Sakurai writes, "Everything must come to an end ... it's better to stay busy and do my best, as long as I can put up with it".

The post also mentions that he said he may discontinue his long tenure as a column writer with the magazine following the next (and possibly final) round of "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate" DLC fighters. If the famed developer is ending his contributions to a magazine that, according to Video Games Chronicle, he's been a part of for nearly two decades, fans may have to cope with the possibility that his career might not continue for much longer.


Masahiro Sakurai has earned it

There's no denying that Sakurai has worked hard during his career as a developer for the beloved "Super Smash Bros." games. In fact, Kotaku has previously translated and compiled some of his Famitsu columns detailing just how dedicated he has been to the franchise. Having to oversee almost every aspect of a game's development, Sakurai has been unable to spare a moment, even when it came to his commute. As such, he's had to relocate closer to his place of work, spending about 12 hours a day loaded up with tasks. The results, however, speak for themselves.


Despite all his hard work, Sakurai has had to face heat from fans when new fighters are announced, even though the Smash creator has warned gamers that he has no say in the DLC characters. And of course, the demand for Waluigi — the one character fans want, but can't have — probably gets old after a while.

All things considered, it makes sense that he'd be open to capping his career in the near future. After all, with his accomplishments and hard work, he's certainly earned a break. Once he retires, all that time he's spent developing games could be used to enjoy games instead.