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In Sound Mind - What We Know So Far

Music, games, and horror combine in "In Sound Mind," a new game from We Create Stuff and Modus Games. Gamers might recognize Modus Games as the publisher of the JRPG-styled "CrisTales" and the zany "Animal Royale." "In Sound Mind" looks to be another jewel in the publisher's crown, offering an experience unlike most other games on the market. Featuring music from the band The Living Tombstone, "In Sound Mind" stands out as a special experience for gamers, engaging them with astounding sounds and sights.


"In Sound Mind" is a first person horror game that asks players to investigate a series of deaths related to "the same experimental chemical," according to the game's Steam listing. Players try to understand who each victim was while uncovering the stories behind death. Oh, and there's also an adorable cat named Tonia.

While its release date is still several months away, "In Sound Mind" already appears to be an engaging, unusual experience. Here's everything fans can expect from the upcoming horror title.

Does In Sound Mind have a release date?

According to the "In Sound Mind" Steam page, the game will release on August 3, 2021. If that feels like a long time to wait, don't fret. There's a demo gamers can play for free right now. 

"In Sound Mind" has been in development since at least 2019, when it was pitched and accepted by publisher Modus Games. Ido Tal, the producer of "In Sound Mind" and co-founder of We Create Stuff, said that the game would be fully formed, without plot holes or need for expansion. He explained in an interview with Dread XP that the contemporary game market doesn't allow developers to just "get away with something simple." Instead, creators must put everything into games in order to satisfy their expectant fans. 


In a game market where even AAA games can publish titles that feel unfinished or lack a definitive ending, it's even more important for indie developers to make sure their final products are in tip-top shape. A little extra time in development should give "In Sound Mind" just the boost it needs to be complete.

Does In Sound Mind have a trailer?

In the announcement trailer for "In Sound Mind," players get a sense of what the game's aesthetics and music will be like. An electronic-rock song from The Living Tombstone blares in the background as gamers witness images of empty roads, hanging meat, and many, many scary mannequins. Already, the atmosphere of "In Sound Mind" seems absolutely haunting.


Meanwhile, the story teaser trailer provides a better look at the plot of "In Sound Mind." The protagonist tells players directly that he's a therapist looking into his patients' files in order to figure out the source of some creepy occurrences. The trailer shows a first person POV, one hand outstretched in front of the camera, as the protagonist walks down dark corridors. 

A PS5-specific trailer from Gamescom 2020 combines elements of the previous two trailers, bringing story and setting together to further emphasize the horror elements in "In Sound Mind." With three trailers to enjoy, fans should get a solid sense of what "In Sound Mind" has in store.

What will In Sound Mind's gameplay be like?

The gameplay of "In Sound Mind" promises to embrace its spooky atmosphere in order to tell a series of connected stories. The game includes elements of exploration and puzzle solving, and no two areas of "In Sound Mind" appear to be the same.


Ido Tal, the producer of "In Sound Mind" and co-founder of We Create Stuff, explained in an interview that "every few hours into the game, you play a tape. Each tape is a few hours long, and is a different story." He continued, "Those stories shape the gameplay for that area specifically. It's like you're in a special little sub-game within the game with it's own themes, style, mechanics, etc. So every few hours it's like a totally fresh experience. We aren't tied to just one mechanic." 

In other words, "In Sound Mind" will use a variety of different playstyles in order to emphasize each character's individual story. The same type of mechanic wouldn't be appropriate for each tape, so things have to get switched up. 


Players who are curious about the gameplay in "In Sound Mind" should download its demo, which is available now.