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Dr Disrespect Roasts This Controversial Decision

A recent "Call of Duty: Warzone" Twitch stream from TimTheTatman, in which he was teamed up with NickMercs and SypherPK, saw the team make a controversial decision. When they noticed two top-rated players in their lobby, they realized they had apparently stumbled on players competing in a high-stakes public tournament, leading to them abruptly backing out of the game and sparking a debate that drew the attention of Dr Disrespect.

The entire issue arose during what should have been a relatively low-key session for "Call of Duty" streamers NickMercs and TimTheTatman. The two were in the middle of playing a series of public Quads sessions when they noticed Aydan and Rated joining the same match. As the game went on, NickMercs learned that the other pros had hopped into the public match as a duo to maximize their kill potential as they competed in a $40,000 Huskers Howl tournament.

To avoid disrupting the duo's game and potentially keeping Aydan and Rated from winning, NickMercs and co. ultimately chose to drop out of the match as a sort of professional courtesy. However, the increasing frequency of these events sparked an intense debate between the two. Dr Disrespect then offered his unsolicited opinion on the issue, as he is often inclined to do.

Dr DisRespect thinks TimTheTatman and Nickmercs should have played on

The argument began when NickMercs and TimTheTatman couldn't agree on whether or not they should drop of out of the session and avoid interrupting the other pros. Things got even more confusing as TimTheTatman asked NickMercs to back the squad out, simply because the team didn't have a clear policy. NickMercs tried to clarify their stance on the issue, but he eventually pulled the team from the game as things got heated.

The team went back to the lobby to discuss the decision, which they ultimately decided may have been the wrong choice to make. They agreed that professionals participating in tournaments held on public servers need to know the risks. It was during that time they heard that Dr Disrespect had weighed in on the issue, posting on Twitter, "Backing out due to tourney players in the same lobby and showing respect? What the f*** happened to you?"

NickMercs caught wind of this and responded angrily, "Doc would have backed out if he fried Aydan! He would have backed out." While NickMercs was irritated by Dr DisRespect's dismissive comments, it looks like the team won't be backing out of any more tournament-related encounters they find on public servers — which should make future streams even more interesting.