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Amazon Mexico May Have Ruined The Nintendo Switch Reveal

Since the news that the Nintendo Switch was getting an upgraded version, fans everywhere have been coming up with ideas on what the updated console could be named. While E3 is right around the corner, and many are speculating that fans might get more information at or before the event, it hasn't stopped dedicated fans from looking into the name even more. One found a now-deleted page from Amazon Mexico that may have just ruined the name reveal.

Twitter user Alphabeat tagged Wario64 and Jeff Grubb, two prominent gaming industry names, with a screenshot from Amazon Mexico. The screenshot is listed as the "New Nintendo Switch Pro." Wario64 tweeted it out to his followers, but Amazon had already changed the name on the link before it could go out. Twitter user _chavaramirez mentioned that Amazon Mexico also leaked the upcoming "Pokemon Brilliant Diamond" and "Pokemon Shining Pearl" release dates.

It's important to note that this may not be the official name — this was just a slipup on Amazon Mexico's part. It could even be that Amazon Mexico has the wrong name. Regardless, the potential name had people on Twitter blowing up, with some mocking the link and screenshot while others were upset over the name.

Everything wrong with the name 'New Nintendo Switch Pro'

In January 2020, the idea that a "Nintendo Switch Pro" was coming entered the public mind via the rumor mill. The name was part of the rumor, and it's been what everyone has been calling the next version of the Nintendo Switch.

While people were generally satisfied with that name, the idea of adding "new" to the title has a lot of people up in arms. Twitter user noahjmead wrote, "If they actually brand it both 'New' and Pro I'm gonna lose it." Another user, FlareVortex_, said that he's "getting flashbacks ... and not the good kind" after seeing the name. Other users took to sharing some fun names that Nintendo could have (or possibly still can) choose. Twitter user Stantoon threw out "Super Nintendo Switch," and others echoed the name throughout the thread.

The "new" part of the supposed title isn't something new to Nintendo — from various games like "New Pokemon Snap" and "New Super Mario Bros" to the entire console line that was the New Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo has a past with the word. Only time will tell if Amazon Mexico accidentally ruined the release — hopefully, fans will know the name and some new features sooner rather than later with E3 coming up in a few weeks.