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This Mass Effect Easter Egg Was Hidden For 9 Years

Who doesn't love a good Easter egg? They often provide gamers with a fun treat to uncover. Sometimes, gaming Easter eggs are so well-hidden that they aren't discovered for years. One original Xbox Easter egg took 20 years to be uncovered, and it was such an obscure secret that no one actually found it; a developer who worked on the Xbox had to spill the beans. As "Mass Effect" fans have just discovered, Microsoft is not alone in including Easter eggs that are too obscure for fans to find on their own.

Over on Reddit, Richard Boisvert, who was a Cinematic Designer on several "Mass Effect" projects, posted about an Easter egg he snuck into 2012's "Mass Effect 3." In the post, he shared that he was under the assumption that it had gone undiscovered for nine years, so he provided a diagram of solar panels detailing a specific path one must travel to get the intended result. And what is it, you may wonder? Boisvert didn't say, and opted to let fans discover the Easter egg for themselves.

One of the users followed the instructions and subsequently found a friendly Mars rover that eagerly zipped on over to greet them with a pleasant head nod. Naturally, other gamers wanted to meet the rover themselves.

The lonely rover finally makes new friends

It seemed that fans are just as excited over the discovery as Boisvert was to share it, as the responses have been overwhelmingly cheerful. One user said, "I played these games so many times when they were first released, and it honestly brings me joy to realize there are still things yet to discover in it." Another wrote, "Just did it, that was adorable. Amazing seeing stuff still hidden in this game."

Some Redditors in the thread shared some lighthearted cracks over the revelation. One joked, "If a [Rickroll] pops out I'm going to ... I'm going to ... I don't know," to which another replied, "Never gonna give 'Mass Effect' up?"

While all this banter was going on, another important discovery was made within the thread. A user shared a post from someone who had actually found the Easter egg last year by using a free camera mod. Regardless, fans have been very grateful to Boisvert for offering instructions on how to find the rover and making the Easter egg more well-known.

Earlier in the year, "Mass Effect” fans got the best news when they learned that "Mass Effect: Legendary Edition" was on its way. Now that the remastered trilogy collection has arrived, it's the perfect time for gamers to look for this old Easter egg themselves.