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Why Valkyrae Was Really DMing This Stranger Things Star

Rachell "Valkyrae" Hofstetter revealed that Noah Schnapp, who plays Will Byers in "Stranger Things," has been in her DMs as of late. Not to worry, though. It's for a perfectly non-sus reason.

The two are apparently in the middle of brainstorming a possible "Among Us" stream. They last played "Among Us" on "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon," along with streamers Corpse Husband and Sykkuno, as well Schnapp's co-star Gaten Matarazzo. This round of "Among Us" apparently left Schnapp wanting more, so he reached out to Rae about another game. That's pretty exciting news for fans of these celebrities, except for one thing: According to Valkyrae, they were supposed to play "Among Us" two months ago.


Schnapp said he was busy, so Rae told him to let her know a date and time to play way back on April 12. He apparently left her hanging, only to message her almost two months later, saying, "Let's do it! When should we do it?"  

"It's been two months! What do you mean?" Rae recalls thinking. 

After realizing he was talking about the "Among Us" stream, Rae pointed out that the game wasn't as hot of a trend anymore. To this, Schnapp suggested playing another game, though he didn't give her any leads on what. Furthermore, Valkyrae claims she still couldn't get a clear answer on when Schnapp would be available. When Rae followed up on Noah's availability, he replied by asking, "what game" she wanted to play. Basically, they're still at square one. 


So Valkyrae-Noah crossover stream when?

Even though planning wasn't going as smoothly as she'd hoped, Valkyrae still seemed up for playing with Schnapp. As she explained to viewers, she rethought the plan based on how he fared on Jimmy Fallon's show. saying she couldn't imagine another game that would be better than "Among Us" to play with the actor.


Corpse Husband, who also wanted in on the action, also suggested that "Among Us" was an easy, crowd-pleasing option. Rae relayed Corpse's suggestion to settle with "Among Us," but left the conversation open for Schnapp to counter with his own suggestion. She doesn't seem to have too much faith in the "Stranger Things" actor's follow-through, though.

"He's probably going to be like 'No, it's cool, we can play 'Among Us', yeah. Here, I'll let you know when I'm available,' and then he's going to ghost me. Again," she said.

Basically, it's still not clear when (or if) Valkyrae, Corpse, and Schanpp will stream together. At the very least, fans can be happy to know that they're still planning on it, even if it might take a while.