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FaZe Just Signed A Warzone Superstar

FaZe Clan just welcomed "Call of Duty: Warzone" streamer Kalei Renay as the newest member of the family. The 21-year-old "Warzone" superstar gained traction after the "CoD" battle royale was released last year and has amassed well over 300,000 followers on Twitch. She is currently the only female player signed to FaZe, which might signal an optimistic future for women esports players. Fellow FaZe members and other streaming leaders like Valkyrae and Nadeshot took to social media to congratulate her on the W.


As noted by Upcomer, Kalei is particularly skilled with the Kar98k sniper rifle and shows off that skill in competition as during streams. She most recently placed third in the Mina Mendes Co-Ed "Warzone" Invitational, where she competed against other huge names like ZLaner and Aydan.

While Kalei is a known threat on the "Warzone" battlefield, one of her most standout traits is her occasionally vulgar, always unapologetically open persona. Of course, Kalei would hardly be the first controversial figure to be signed to FaZe Clan, so she might feel more at home with this brand than she would in other orgs.

Kalei's uphill battle to get signed

However, Kalei's online persona has been a bit of a double-edged sword at times. She has mentioned sponsors like Shadow Legends rejecting her as a "brand risk" in the past. In the year prior to signing with FaZe, she tweeted that she would "probably never join a team" or "get huge sponsors," simply because of her controversial personality on Twitch and social media.


In fact, during an exclusive interview with Dexerto, Kalei revealed that she couldn't believe it when FaZe reached out at first, mainly due to the fact that so many other offers had fallen through before. "I've had stuff with G2, Mutineers, certain teams like that where they just took a step back and they were like 'yikes, nevermind,'" she said. However, FaZe didn't ask her to tone down her personality or treat her like a "brand risk" like the other orgs that ditched her. 

FaZe tweeted a statement from Kalei about the org's willingness to let her be herself: "It's really a dream come true to join FaZe. For me, this is a moment to say 'F*** you' to all the people who didn't believe in me or thought my personality was an obstacle. FaZe encourages me to be myself and believes I can achieve success without watering down my weirdness. That means the world to me."