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This New Console Is Finally Coming Out After 4 Years

Mark your calendars, because the Atari VCS is finally dropping on June 15, 2021. It's been a long road getting this point. The console was first announced back in June 2017, and despite many delays along the way, Atari fans everywhere are finally going to be able to take it home.

As long as the rest of the world has been waiting for the Atari VCS, the most patient people in the process have got to be the console's original Indiegogo backers, as these fans have probably been most attuned to the console's multiple delays. This group of more than 11,000 gamers raised over $3 million to fund the console's production, and they've been patiently waiting for a while now.

While delays are to be expected to a certain degree, there were a few in particular that could have taken the project down. First, preorders for the console — originally called the "Ataribox" — were put on hold way back in 2018. Following this, Rob Wyatt, co-creator of the original Xbox and former Atari VCS architect, quit the project in 2019 and sued the company for over $260,000 in missing wages in 2020. 

Though it looked like the project might be a complete bust at that time, hope prevailed for those most invested in retro gaming. Backers finally got their consoles shipped in Dec. 2020, which has given them a chance to enjoy the Atari VCS well before the general public.

What does the Atari VCS have in store?

After its rocky start and subsequent delays, the long-winded origin story of the Atari VCS is finally coming to a close. The console looks like it has a lot to offer for fans of retro gaming, and it gets the benefit of releasing during a year with fewer new consoles than 2020.

Purchasing either console will give you access to an assortment of 100 classic games from the Atari 2600, as well as some classic arcade picks, including "Pong" and "Tempest," the former of which has also branched out into the world of mobile gaming

Atari has dubbed the VCS a "console/PC hybrid," and it comes complete with 4k visuals, HD streaming capabilities, and integration with Windows, Ubuntu Linux, and Google Chrome. 

Upon its June 15 launch, you can snag the Atari VCS Base System in stores for $299.99, while the All-In Bundle that comes with both a retro joystick and a modern controller will cost you $399.99. As pointed out by HotHardware, the price truly is "eye-popping," especially when you consider that $399 will get you a PS5 Digital Edition (if you can find one in supply). 

All pre-orders are currently sold out, but you can still buy an Atari hat for $129.99 if you're a diehard fan with some extra cash on hand.