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Genshin Impact Fans Go Wild Over These First Look Photos

"Genshin Impact" developer miHoYo has just treated fans to promotional teasers for four new characters coming to the game, including some that were previously leaked. The "Genshin" community consumed the previews with jokes about miHoYo outdoing leakers, appreciative comments, and begging for news on other unconfirmed characters. Still, with the unexpected release, most can't help but be thankful for any information at all. The four — Ayaka, Kazuha, Yoimiya, and Sayu — hail from Inazuma, an upcoming country in the "Genshin" world

Ayaka especially riled up long-time fans, considering how early the fandom learned about her. She appeared in a storyline trailer soon after the release of "Genshin Impact," and showed up even earlier as a playable character in the game's closed beta test. Inazuman locals seem to regard her with respect as a member of the Kamisato clan, and she will likely play a prominent role in the game's next arc. However, it's not quite clear how she ties in with Kazuha and the rest.

Kazuha was already a confirmed character, so the new look at him doesn't come as much of a surprise. He and Sayu were two of the eight characters leaked from the closed beta test back in November 2020. Leakers found information confirming his identity and skills in the weeks leading up to his announcement during the Genshin Impact 1.6 update program, during which "Genshin" voice actors discussed the wandering samurai's role in the story, his overall kit, and when fans should expect his banner on stream.

Even more about Genshin's new characters

Yoimiya's announcement is a particular treat for the fans, because her appearance was still a mystery at the time of the post. "Genshin" community leaders even started to doubt whether or not she was real. Some fans appreciated the face reveal, but others couldn't help but complain about the abundance of female Pyro characters already in the cast.

Sayu, a chibi ninja wearing a tanuki-themed cloak, rounded out the four-character set. The accompanying caption calls her "Shiyuumatsu-Ban's Resident Ninja," although it's not quite clear what that means yet. Ayato, an unseen face and rumored brother of Ayaka, apparently says she's hard to find because she hides in trees during the afternoons.

Players have the opportunity to first meet Kazuha after the Genshin Impact 1.6 update on June 9th. Ayaka, Yoimiya, and Sayu will likely follow in some specific order in the following weeks. Fans need to wait until after Klee's banner to pull Kazuha, but it shouldn't be too long of a wait. Earlier leaks already said Ayaka would likely come before her birthday in September. With Kazuha coming out after Klee's rerun, it's possible Yoimiya and Sayu aren't too far behind the Kamisato princess' arrival.