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MrBeast's Latest Giveaway Took Place In Minecraft

MrBeast, best known for his generous giveaways and middling burger joint, is finally back to doling out money in style. While MrBeast has given away money to other streamers, including Tfue, he takes the most joy in rewarding ordinary people. A recent MrBeast giveaway left viewers stunned, both at his generosity and by the elaborate "Minecraft" world he created just for the event.

In "I Gave Away My Credit Card!," MrBeast did just that. He gave his credit card to a variety of "Minecraft" players and let them go wild in a virtual recreation of a GameStop store. But, you see, there was a catch: MrBeast would only authorize the shopping spree if players could make it through an extreme obstacle course leading up to the store. If players made it through the "Minecraft" course alive, they got to go on a shopping spree. If they died, they left with nothing. The first contestant, Xenon, made it through the course and snagged over $5,000 worth of gaming gear, including a PS5.

The second contestant, BigC, got to venture into a virtual Walmart within "Minecraft," filled to the brim with a variety of cleverly recreated goods, including a lawnmower. Anything BigC grabbed was his to keep, but there was yet another wrinkle to the giveaway. While BigC's "Minecraft" avatar perused Walmart's wares, a giant mech fired cannons at him. Unfortunately, BigC didn't make it through the building alive, and lost all of the goods he picked up.

When Minecraft and MrBeast collide

MrBeast also ran a virtual obstacle course that had a Best Buy at the end. Two players raced to reach the Best Buy first, and the winner got to go on a shopping spree dictated by a "credit limit," which was set by MrBeast in a unique way. MrBeast rolled dice to determine what his limit would be, then set the player loose in the "Minecraft" Best Buy. The player stayed well beneath MrBeast's limit and still walked away with over $4,000 in electronic goods.

One commenter suggested that MrBeast is attempted to recreate the magic of his older videos, but within the world of "Minecraft." Another viewer noted that the contestants in MrBeast's video seemed inexperienced compared to others who have played "Minecraft" for years and have amassed a variety of abilities and items. Regardless, some of those players were extremely lucky, leaving MrBeast's server with more than they entered.

"Minecraft" continues a hotspot for streamers to push the limits of their imaginations. In addition to giveaways and games like MrBeast set up, some fans choose to host very real social events in the digital world. For instance, DNP3 hosted a "Minecraft" wedding, complete with dancing and mini-games after a beautiful ceremony. No one appears to have gotten married on MrBeast's channel just yet, but who knows what the future holds?