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Biomutant: How To Find And Tame Mounts

After a lengthy development period, "Biomutant" finally arrived in May 2021, which means that players have been trying to learn the ins and outs of its glorious post-apocalyptic world. Even though reviews on "Biomutant" were mixed, the game offers a variety of fun activities for players to explore.


As a mutated creature, players must travel across a world reclaimed by nature in the hopes either bringing together divided clans or destroying them for good. All that running and travel gets exhausting, though, and players can find mounts to help them travel more efficiently. Also, the mounts are incredibly adorable, based both on actual animals and the fantastical and futuristic world "Biomutant" creates.

Luckily, most of the mounts aren't too difficult to find, and players will quickly fall into an easy rhythm of locating, befriending, and riding the many mounts throughout "Biomutant." 

There are a few ways to acquire a mount, but the easiest method is just good old fashioned hospitality. YouTuber Jade PG has shown that mounts aren't all that hard to befriend. Near most mounts, you can find a pip bush; a brown, spiked plant that has a sweet berry between its thorns. Sliding through the bush allows the player to harvest the berry, and giving the berry to the mount is usually enough to convince it to let the player hitch a ride. All of that is easier said than done, though.


Mechanical mounts

The real challenge occurs in certain areas where Pip bushes aren't always easy to find. Not only that, but some mounts have to be assembled rather than tamed. For example, after some exploration, players can stumble across a clockwork horse that requires the successful completion of a puzzle to activate. Player characters will need to possess a level 50 or 60 in Intellect to be able to work through the puzzle. 


Later in the game, players can find a similar mount in the form of a giant mechanical hand. While most mounts don't have any advantages over the others, the mechanical hand possesses-= a cannon that players can use in battle.

Understandably, Jade PG has been hesitant to release many details of where to find the various mounts, as many fans want to avoid spoilers, but his videos give viewers enough of an idea on how to acquire mounts and get started exploring. The good news is that players can keep any mount they tame or construct, summoning them from the beyond whenever needed. There are a variety of mounts, all with different color patterns and details, which make mount collecting a desirable pastime in "Biomutant." 


If you're still having trouble with "Biomutant," try turning off the narrator to get some peace of mind. It just might make players and mounts feel a whole lot calmer.