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Sonic Colors: Ultimate - What We Know So Far

On May 27, 2021, Sega held Sonic Central, and the group announced the upcoming arrival of "Sonic Colors: Ultimate." The game is a remake of the original "Colors" game. 

Sonic Central came about as Sega is celebrating the series' 30th anniversary, and it's the very first time the company has done a video like that. Despite the company upsetting "Sonic" fans earlier this year, most were pretty stoked to see the new content coming, and Sega did not disappoint. For many fans, "Sonic Colors: Ultimate" took the gold, as the original was a fan-favorite game in the series.


For the series' 30th anniversary, Sega also created an anniversary website that's filled with various merchandise like toys and jewelry, a timeline of events, and some general "Sonic" information for newer fans.

There's a lot that fans already know about the game considering that it's a remake — the trailer itself showed off a lot of gameplay as well, getting people excited to relive the "Colors" experience.

What's the release date for Sonic Colors: Ultimate?

Fans will be able to enjoy "Sonic Colors: Ultimate" on September 17, 2021, over a decade after the original game was released. The game will be released on the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and even PC via Epic Games.


While you can wait until the day of release to buy the game, pre-ordering will give you a lot of bonus stuff. Pre-orders get early access, a baby Sonic keychain, a movie boost, special player icons, and silver and gold wearables in-game. That's definitely a good haul when it comes to pre-order bonuses. 

This will come after the "Sonic Colors" animation, which will be released early in summer 2021. This two-part animation was also announced at Sonic Central, and there was even a part of episode one shown off — which includes the real voice actors, in case you're wondering. If you're unfamiliar with the way "Sonic Colors" works, this animation will be the perfect way to learn a bit more about the game without running the risk of spoilers online.


Sonic Colors: Ultimate's trailer

Sonic Central announced the game with a trailer. The announcement trailer certainly has a lot of detail that would typically be reserved for a game trailer anyway, like gameplay and short snippets about the themes of the game. As the game gets closer to releasing, there may be more gameplay footage or another trailer released, especially in the form of advertisements.


The announcement trailer shows off the game with updated graphics, and it's pretty great! There are also several parts of the trailer that look like they're from the animated series, but they could make an appearance in the game — fans will know more later as more gameplay releases.

The trailer also shows off the Wisps in "Sonic Colors: Ultimate." As if they weren't already cute enough in the original game, the remastered ones are as adorable as they are helpful to your journey through the game.

What's the gameplay like?

While the trailer showed off plenty of gameplay, a YouTube video by GameXplain shows off a bit more with a side-by-side comparison to the original game. Although the video is primarily focused on the graphics of the games, there's a lot of gameplay involved to check out. It shows off the 2D and 3D elements that "Sonic Colors: Ultimate" includes as a tribute to its roots, so fans can get a sense of how the game will look and feel. 


As a remake, a lot of the gameplay will mirror the original version. Part of that is the inclusion of colorful Wisps, which are part of an alien race, according to the upcoming game's website. The website also mentions that the Wisps will help Sonic overcome a variety of enemies in their unique world to ultimately defeat Dr. Eggman. There are also some new features mentioned that fans don't know about yet — hopefully future news will bring some updates.