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The Most Overpowered Weapon In Warzone, According To 23% Of People

An essential part of finding success in a dynamic battle royale game like "Call of Duty: Warzone" is identifying a weapon that best fits a player's style. There are dozens of guns to choose from in the game, and each has elaborate gear options that allow gamers to adapt them to their personal preferences.


In fact, the customization options are so varied in "Call of Duty: Warzone" that as players experiment with combinations of scopes, stocks, and silencers, seemingly underpowered weapons can become game-changers. When it's discovered that gamers can modify a gun to be particularly effective, players will oftentimes share their favorite builds. As a result, specific combinations can dominate the game for a few weeks before a patch puts them back in line.

However, some weapons have such specific advantages that changing them would fundamentally alter how the gun works. These are the ones that are often accused of being unfair, and while their impact is usually mitigated by the developers, in the right hands, they remain deadly. 


To discover the most overpowered weapon in "Warzone," SVG asked over 500 gamers which gun they thought was the most dangerous, and 23% had a specific answer in mind.

Introducing the Stoner 63

One of the biggest shakeups to the balance of power in "Call of Duty: Warzone" came when "Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War" was released. When that game launched, it added almost 30 new weapons to the battle royale experience right off the bat. Gamers began to notice immediately that some of these guns had huge advantages.


A gun that majorly impacted "Warzone," and that 23% of gamers feel is overpowered, is the Stoner 63. As one "Warzone" player on Reddit put it, "This thing kills in like 2 bullets with a high fire rate and a huge mag and has almost no recoil at all." While the gun has some significant disadvantages, like massive hits to mobility and an excruciatingly long reload time, it remains very deadly in the right hands.

The gun that scored second in SVG's poll wasn't a "Black Ops – Cold War" addition, but a gun that found a new life when "Cold War" shifted the "Warzone" experience. According to fans, the CR-56 AMAX was overlooked because of its heavy recoil in favor of early favorites like the GRAU and the M4A1. However, as one of the few original guns that could match the "Black Ops – Cold War" additions in terms of firepower, the CR-56 AMAX has found a new appreciation/hate among players — and 18% of poll respondents now feel it is overpowered.


Warzone players have a wide variety of overpowered weapons to choose from

In third place for the most overpowered weapon in "Warzone," with 15% of the vote, is the MAC-10 SMG. This brutal "Black Ops – Cold War" addition quickly became recognized on forums like Reddit as an easy-to-use and dangerous weapon, with some even accusing it of breaking the game. Fans also had a strong reaction to the addition of the Groza, an assault rifle capable of doubling as an SMG that earned it a reputation as a deadly "flex gun." It became so effective at medium to close range that 13% of players feel it is now overpowered.


The last gun on SVG's poll, the Kar 98k, still received a solid 10% of the vote. The Kar 98k has always been infamous as the game's most deadly marksman rifle. As fans have endlessly debated on Reddit, the Kar 98k is a high-risk, high reward weapon capable of binging down even fully armored enemies with a single shot. However, players who miss that shot are likely to be brought down by anything with a faster fire rate.

In addition, 21% of respondents wrote in a weapon that was not on SVG's list. "Warzone" featured a wide variety of guns that players love to hate in its first year, including as the Bruen MK9 LMG, the GRAU assault rifle, the DMR 14 sniper rifle, and even the R9-0 shotgun.