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The Weird Reason Ludwig Was Banned From Instagram

Ludwig Ahgren, along with many other streamers and influencers, recently attended the highly-anticipated boxing match between Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather. After the event, people started snapping photos with each other around the ring, celebrating the energy of the crowd and the fact that so many long-separated friends were finally able to touch and hug. In Ludwig's case, he took a cheeky photo with Slime, one of his content creator buddies, that embodied something a little more than a brotherly bond.

Ludwig proudly shared the photo on Instagram and on Twitter, where he captioned it "met Joe Rogan at the fight," jokingly comparing the appearances of Slime and the comedian and podcaster. The photo shows both men with their hands down their pants and their thumbs touching each other through their zipped-down flies. 

Some commenters only seemed to notice Ludwig with his hand down his pants for no reason. However, upon closer inspection, one might realize the meaning behind the two men's thumbs touching through the unzipped pants. There was no actual nudity or exposed unmentionables in the picture, but the poses hinted at an indecent (but entertaining) joke. If you were wondering how they captured this moment with their hands otherwise preoccupied, Twitch streamer ConnorEatsPants helped the both of them take the photo.

Later that day, Ludwig returned to Twitter with an update, exclaiming that he "got banned for a week on Insta for posting this exact pic."

Just two buds touching thumbs

Many of Ludwig's fans lamented Instagram's strict content guidelines, with many feeling that Ludwig shouldn't have been banned for "just guys being dudes." Even though Instagram reinstated his account not too long after, it goes to show that maybe sexual innuendos are still considered inappropriate by the platform's standards. No Instagram reps commented on the exact reasons for the ban and speedy reinstatement. Is it possible that someone completely misinterpreted what they were seeing in the picture?

Ludwig isn't alone in this frustration. QTCinderella, fellow streamer and Ludwig's girlfriend, also received an Instagram ban a few days ago following a brief feud between Adin Ross and several other streamers, including Ludwig. Dexerto reported that although the beef was squashed and Adin Ross told his fans to chill out, they apparently mass reported QT's photos, leading to her ban from the popular photo-sharing platform. While her boyfriend's account was reinstated, QT's still waiting out her suspension.

In the meantime, Ludwig has posted a new photo with Slime (free of any innuendos) to celebrate getting his account back. In other words, it's back to business as usual for Ludwig and pals.