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Why Streamer Fans Are Freaking Out Over The Free Guy Trailer

Excitement has been building for "Free Guy," the new Ryan Reynolds film which casts the "Deadpool" star as Guy, a self-aware NPC in a chaotic open-world video game. The film was probably already on quite a few gamer's list of movies to see this summer, but a new trailer has given streamer fanatics a whole new reason to freak out.

The latest trailer for "Free Guy" was revealed during the 2021 Summer Game Fest presentation and featured a few of the same shots and basic story beats that fans had already seen. Viewers are once again introduced to oblivious NPC Guy (Reynolds), rogue programmer Milly (Jodie Comer), and antagonistic developer Antione (Taika Waititi). All in all, the new trailer gave another pleasant introduction to the film and the heroes' quest to save Free City.

However, right around the middle of that new preview was a sneak peek at the highly-anticipated appearances from some of the world's most prominent streamers. Fans already knew that Ninja, Pokimane, and many more would be appearing in the film, but this was the first time any of that footage has been revealed. Here are the cameos that have streamer fans even more excited about the new "Free Guy" trailer.

Ninja, Pokimane, and more famous streamers will appear in Free Guy

As Guy begins to rebel against the forces that rule Free City, his actions start to grab the attention of the mainstream media and gamers in the real world. In the trailer, fans first see "Good Morning America" host Lara Spencer report about how Guy's actions are reshaping Free City. The clip then cuts to various reactions from some well-known faces.

First up, of course, is one of the gaming's first true crossover stars, Ninja, appearing in a shot that shows off his streaming setup in the background. Ninja excitedly viewers that Guy is "out-skilling" everyone else in the game. Next, fans see Australian YouTuber LazarBeam commenting from the corner of the screen in a more traditional streaming video, followed by Jacksepticeye, who appears in a Just Chatting YouTube video. Pokimane is seen at her mic, talking about how cute Guy is, while DanTDM appears in a reaction video to comment on Guy's game-breaking abilities.

Reactions have been overwhelmingly positive, with fans on Twitter remarking on how cool it is to see their favorite streamers in a movie with Ryan Reynolds. Jacksepticeye tweeted a screencap of himself in the movie as proof of his involvement, much to the delight of his viewers. Ninja also tweeted a thank you to Summer Game Fest host Geoff Keighley for the shoutout and linked to the new "Free Guy" trailer.

"Free Guy" finally arrives in theaters on August 13.