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Battlefield 2042 Trailer Pays Homage With This Epic Easter Egg

"Battlefield 2042" has finally been revealed, and the trailer shows that EA and Dice have a good understanding of how people really like to play the game. Most impressively, the reveal trailer pays homage to a popular "Battlefield" maneuver known as the "loopzook" or the "rendezook," where players exit a jet in mid-air, destroy an enemy jet with a bazooka, and then return safely to their jet. 

The trailer shows this beloved maneuver rendered in gorgeous CGI, probably with the specific aim of remind people why they love "Battlefield." You can also watch one of the original "rendezook" video creators react to seeing the infamous move in the reveal trailer. While the clip is not in English, the player's excitement and joy is incredibly clear.

The name "rendezook," naturally, comes from a combination of the words "rendezvous" and "bazooka," since it involves using a bazooka and meeting up with your jet afterwards. On YouTube, there are tons of examples of the move being pulled off in multiple "Battlefield" games. That wasn't the only moment in the trailer that invoked the more silly side of "Battlefield" games, either. Earlier in the trailer, a soldier takes down an enemy helicopter by driving an ATV off a skyscraper. All in all, "Battlefield 2042" is shaping up to be a wacky good time."

Invoking the Battlefield of old

While these homages are exciting to see for old "Battlefield" players, it also makes sense from a business perspective why EA would be looking to bring back lapsed fans. The last two mainline games in the series, "Battlefield I" and "Battlefield V," took place in WWI and WWII respectively. Those games received lukewarm receptions, although "Battlefield V" had a decent playerbase that held on for a while. This new game marks a return to a more modern (technically near-future) setting, and it looks like EA already wants to position the game as a return to form for the series.

Putting nods to the gaming community in the marketing seems to be buying EA a little bit of goodwill, as Reddit comments on the reveal trailer seem to be happy with the easter eggs. u/Pedro4_89 commented "Bro, rendezook on a launch trailer. This marketing team is insane."

Meanwhile, u/darkhorse0607 commended the developer for embracing the "craziness" of the franchise, adding, "Congrats to the team, you can tell you guys worked hard."

It seems like EA is succesfully appealing to the hardcore fans of the series. "Battlefield 2042" is going to release on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC on October 22. The next-gen console and PC versions will offer massive 128 player lobbies, making them the perfect spit for chaotic multiplayer combat.