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The Most Annoying Final Fantasy Character Might Surprise You

"Final Fantasy" has always been a series that revolves around complex characters. Some of them are outgoing, while others are more reserved, but all of them have unique styles and backstories designed to make them memorable amongst the hoards of other JRPG characters out there. "Memorable" doesn't always mean "likable," however, and some fans have found a few of these not-so-beloved characters to be downright annoying.


SVG recently conducted a survey asking participants to cast their vote on a few of the less-popular characters in the series. The question at Voters were asked to choose who the most annoying character was, and were given the options of Cloud from "FF7," Tidus from "FF10," Lightning from "FFXIII," Prompto from "FFXV," Vaan from "FFXII," or "Other."

To be fair, the "Final Fantasy" multiverse contains hundreds of characters and the survey only named five, but these are names that frequently come up on fan-made lists of the most hated playable characters.

Starting with the not-so-bad

Cloud gets the least amount of hate, with only 14.17% of participants voting for the green-eyed SOLDIER. It's fair to say his popularity has taken a bit of a hit with the release of "Final Fantasy 7 Remake." Many fans have found this particular iteration of Cloud to be annoying in ways he wasn't in the original 1997 PlayStation game. Most notably, fans have taken issue with his incessant demands for his money while everyone else is just trying to make conversation. Still, receiving the least votes of all the characters named on this list must mean there's still some love for this chocobo-haired hero.


The second most popular character in this unpopularity contest is Vaan from "Final Fantasy 12," who comes in with 15.16% of the vote. It's easy to see why players might get frustrated with Vaan. Most "Final Fantasy" protagonists are natural born leaders, but Vaan is very much a follower who is surrounded by much more charismatic and influential party members. Still, many have found the hatred for Vaan to be unfounded and his position in the rankings reflects that.

16.34% of people voted "Other," meaning there were other characters not named on the list which they found more annoying. Unfortunately, that means the rest of the characters in the survey rank lower than every other character in the franchise.


Now for the seriously irritating

Tidus from "Final Fantasy 10" received 16.93% of the vote. This one came as a bit of a surprise, since another SVG survey found that "Final Fantasy 10" is the second most popular game in the franchise among fans. Still, many gamers have found the former Blitzball star to be rude and overbearing.


The number two spot goes to Lightning from "Final Fantasy 13." This battle-hardened Guardian Core soldier is the lead protagonist in two games and the secondary protagonist in one. "FF13" is frequently placed near the bottom on lists ranking the series, but that doesn't fully explain why Lightning himself is singled out. Some have found her to be abrasive, while others complain that she starts off great and loses her edge throughout the series.

The lauded title of "most annoying character in the 'Final Fantasy' franchise" goes to Prompto from "Final Fantasy 15." Prompto is the only non-protagonist on the list, but it's easy to see why he was voted as the worst. Many players hate the way he frequently interrupts your missions to go take a selfie. He also complains a lot and several gamers have found his sense of humor to be... lacking.