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Elder Scrolls Fans Think Starfield Holds A Big Hint

Gamers finally got another look at Bethesda's upcoming sci-fi RPG "Starfield" at E3 over the weekend, courtesy of a short teaser that finally revealed the game's release date. The arrival of this teaser was big news for fans who have waited years for details on the project, but some think there was even more to it. Some believe that the teaser also contained a clue to the setting of Bethesda's other big upcoming game, "Elder Scrolls 6."

The hint seems to have been first spotted by Reddit user Huhwtfbleh, who spotted oddly-shaped marking on the side of a control panel in the trailer. Huhwtfbleh presents the possibility that the marking is an easter egg that represents a small section of the "Elder Scrolls" continent of Tamriel, where all of the previous games have taken place. Specifically, Huhwtfbleh says, the marking seems to depict a portion of the Tamriel coast surrounding Iliac Bay, including the High Rock and Hammerfell regions.

If fans have guessed correctly and the marking is a reference to the upcoming title, then it would confirm a rumor about "Elder Scrolls 6" that has been circulating for years – that the series is returning to the region first explored in "The Elder Scrolls 2: Daggerfall."

Elder Scrolls 6 fans are split on this "tease"

While plenty of fans were ready to accept that the image was the closest thing to confirmation of the setting for "Elder Scrolls 6" yet seen, others maintained a healthy skepticism. A second thread on Reddit dedicated to discussing the image saw fans note that while the marking did appear map-like, there were some critical differences in the shape of the object and the geography of Iliac Bay seen in previous games.

One of the key differences is what appears to be a large island off the southern section of the map. Previous versions of Iliac Bay have included a southern landmass like this, but it has always been connected to the mainland via a narrow isthmus. However, it wouldn't be unusual for Bethesda to slightly redesign a region for a newer iteration of the series, especially considering that large portions of "The Elder Scrolls 2: Daggerfall" were procedurally generated (via Slate). Although there have been hints that sections of "Elder Scrolls 6" may again use procedurally generated environments, Bethesda may be interested in revisiting the area with a more carefully crafted world.

Another fan on Reddit made a compelling case for the game being set in the Iliac Bay region, noting that High Rock contains one of the last remaining Towers unvisited in the modern "Elder Scrolls" titles. If this Easter egg is for real, maybe players can expect to finally explore the Direnni Tower when "Elder Scrolls 6" finally arrives.