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Far Cry 6 DLC Could Answer The Series' Biggest Question

There has been no shortage of news on "Far Cry 6" the next entry in Ubisoft's open-world, one-person army simulator. There has been news about the fact that the game is political, but isn't commenting on the politics of Cuba. Players have also learned that the new game's villain is heavily inspired by Fidel Castro. Most recently, Ubisoft has announced upcoming DLC for "Far Cry 6," well before the launch of the game. Longtime fans may be excited to learn that the DLC might provide interesting lore for some of the previous entries in the series.


The trailer for the DLC teases that you will play as three villains from the most recent games in the series. You will play as Joseph Seed from "Far Cry 5," Pagan Min from "Far Cry 4," and Vaas Montenegro from "Far Cry 3." Vaas is the most interesting inclusion, as he wasn't the main villain of "Far Cry 3," just the most memorable one. This DLC might answer the question of whether or not Vaas actually died in "Far Cry 3."

Vaas Fan Theory

Some players believe that Vaas didn't actually die in "Far Cry 3," mainly because the final fight with Vaas takes place in a hallucination, with the player never seeing his body outside the trippy sequence.


That said, fans looking for some canon lore from this DLC might be disappointed. While the trailer doesn't reveal too much, it implies that the villains are somehow aware that they are being returned to life. At one point in the trailer, Joseph says, "You are alive. That is all that matters," during the trailer. All of the footage from the trailer also looks similar to the drug-induced hallucination sequences from each of the games. 

The other curveball here is that the villains in "Far Cry 4" and "Far Cry 5" were left in very different situations, all depending on the ending you chose. There isn't technically a canon ending for either of those games (especially since it's unclear if the games take place in the same universe), so it might prove difficult to tell a fully canon story in the DLC.


The story DLC in "Far Cry 5," for example, were all set outside the main story, taking place in Vietnam and on Mars. Considering the series' history with having nonsensical DLC, like "Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon," Ubisoft may have just thought it would be fun to experience the previous titles in the entry through the eyes of the villains.