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Metroid Dread Has Been Around Longer Than You Realized

On June 15, Nintendo shocked fans everywhere at E3 by announcing "Metroid Dread," the first all-new 2D "Metroid" game in 19 years. Although fans suspected Nintendo might be announcing a new "Metroid" title at E3, no one truly saw "Metroid Dread" coming. Nintendo's trailer for the new game showed Samus compacting herself into a ball, blasting away at aliens, and interacting with a strange white robot named E.M.M.I. Understandably, "Metroid" fans want all the details on the upcoming title, which will be available in October on the Nintendo Switch. While the trailer might be recent, Nintendo has hinted at the existence of "Metroid Dread" for years.


Over on Twitter, Stephen Totilo of Axios Gaming pointed out that a title referred to as "Metroid Dread" was once in development for the Nintendo DS. At the time, Nintendo listed "Metroid Dread" as one of the titles it would be discussing in the near future in 2005. However, many E3s came and went with no word of the new platformer. 

Another Twitter user further explained that "Metroid Dread" was "unexpectedly canceled" in 2010, leaving the whole project as little more than a "mysterious rumor." Later, "Metroid Dread" designer Yoshio Sakamoto would essentially confirm that "Dread" did indeed exist, but it had been indefinitely paused.

Fans respond to Metroid Dread

Nintendo might have also hinted at "Metroid Dread" through another fan favorite series, "Metroid Prime." Totilo pointed out that in "Metroid Prime 3," gamers found a message that mentioned "Dread is nearing the final stages of completion." At the time, developer Retro Studios denied any connection to the rumored game, but now fans aren't so sure that was true. No matter how or when development started again, players are just happy to see Samus back in her suit.


And fans are certainly excited for the new game, although many might have been happier to see a new entry in the "Metroid Prime" series. It seems like Nintendo just won't release "Metroid Prime 4" at this point, although the company's E3 presentation explained it's still working on the title. One fan excitedly tweeted out a picture of their "Metroid" collection, dating all the way back to the first game. Others were quick to restate that this is Samus' first 2D foray in years, and that they're excited to see her back in all her 2D glory. One commenter simply marveled at the special edition goodies Nintendo advertised for the new sequel, including a fancy steelbook case.

The good news is that fans don't have long to wait for "Metroid Dread." Samus will finally be back in October, ready to explore space and take out any alien baddies in her way.