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Halo Infinite's Battle Pass Seems Like A Miracle

Microsoft and 343 Industries have released a number of deep dives concerning the multiplayer portion of "Halo Infinite" prior to the game's Holiday 2021 release. The free-to-play multiplayer mode has drawn a ton of attention for the way its handling customization options and for just how fun it looks, but one thing in particular has stood out. "Halo Infinite" will feature battle passes, a staple of multiplayer titles, but "Halo Infinite" is doing things differently with its battle pass.


In the multiplayer overview trailer, 343 Industries said that battle passes will not expire and players can continue to work on them for as long as it takes to unlock all of the items. Other games, like "Fortnite" and "Call of Duty: Warzone," have time-limited battle passes that must be completed before the next one launches if a player wants to unlock everything included.

With "Halo Infinite," players will be able to switch freely between battle passes, choosing which one they want to work on at any given time. Another exciting thing to note is that the game will not have random loot boxes, so players will always know exactly what they are buying. Notably, "Halo 5: Guardians" featured random loot boxes with pay-to-win elements, which not all fans enjoyed.


A promising multiplayer experience

In addition to the very consumer-friendly battle passes, "Halo Infinite" will not feature any pay-to-win elements. When it comes to cosmetics, "Halo Infinite" will let players get granular with the armor customization, going much deeper than just swapping out leg and arm pieces. Players will also have the option to pick a different A.I. companion for multiplayer mode, which will function as the announcer. Players can get sarcastic or stoic announcers if they choose, and the classic "Halo" announcer is still available for anyone who wants the old school experience.


"Halo Infinite" will also feature a new mode called Academy, which is designed to teach new players how to play "Halo" — something that is much-needed for a series that is two decades old and full of mechanics that have evolved over time. 

While "Halo Infinite" won't have a battle royale mode (according to 343 Industries), it seems to be borrowing a ton of great best ideas from other popular multiplayer games and improving upon them. While there isn't a specific release date for "Halo Infinite" just yet, Microsoft has confirmed that the game will be launching Holiday 2021.