Metroid Dread - What We Know So Far

With the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 ushered in some major changes to the gaming industry. This left the world without an E3, and in its place, a new show emerged. In 2021, E3 triumphantly returned, sharing the space with Summer Games Fest in a glorious crunch of nonstop breaking news and information. Truly an exciting time for gamers, the summer of 2021 brought the heat with some announcements that may have taken consumers by surprise.


Fans of the "Metroid” series have been waiting for a long time to play as Samus Aran once again, eagerly anticipating news on the next installment in the "Prime" series. Unfortunately, they may still be waiting on "Metroid Prime 4" for some time, but another game is coming to hold everyone over. "Metroid Dread" will mark a triumphant return for everyone's favorite video game bounty hunter. 

Now that there's finally a new "Metroid" on the horizon, you're probably anxious to sink your teeth into any information you can get related to the upcoming title. Well not to worry, because this is everything there is to know so far.

What's the release date for Metroid Dread?

In May 2021, a "Metroid" rumor started to make the rounds asserting that a 2D "Metroid" title would be announced at that year's E3, which is exactly what happened. The source of this information also predicted that development was complete. Does that mean you can get your hands on a copy soon? As video game editor Stephen Totilo pointed out, the title "Metroid Dread" goes back all the way to 2005, so Nintendo's had plenty of time to finish it up.


On Twitter, Nintendo of America said this is "the first new entry of the 2D #Metroid saga in more than 19 years," followed by an announced release date of October 8, 2021. The upcoming title picks up where "Metroid Fusion" left off, so it promises to be a return to form.

Such a prospect is quite exciting, especially since it is a brand-new installment in the 2D series. And while fans may remain worried about "Metroid Prime 4," "Metroid Dread" is a game you can count on. Still in disbelief? Pinching yourself to see if this is really happening? Well it is, and as proof, you can hop on over to Nintendo's website to pre-order a copy today!

Metroid Dread's trailer

As a series known for its ominous atmosphere, the trailer for "Metroid Dread" starts off on the right foot with two creepy auditory notes, followed by the powerful bounty hunter landing in a foggy corridor. Immediately, you'll notice Samus' new suit, which comes in a blue, white, and orange color scheme. There are some POV shots that help the viewer feel the hesitancy and alertness the protagonist is experiencing. Soon enough, she unknowingly passes by an unusual mechanical beast that appears to transform and crawl overhead. Samus fires but is unable to penetrate its armor.


From there, gameplay footage begins where the strange robo creature is in hot pursuit while Samus quickly negotiates platforms. When the enemy reaches her, the trailer returns to cinematic footage where she is pinned down with a searing laser threatening her life. It ends there with the title, followed by more gameplay footage. What are these creatures, and how do you fight them? That's where "Metroid Dread" stands out from others in the series.

What's the gameplay like in Metroid Dread?

Sakamoto Yoshio, producer of "Metroid Dread," described it as a "2D action game" that will be equally enjoyable to newcomers and dedicated fans. He further explained that the title implies Samus is constantly being pursued, which not only raises the stakes for the player but also helps justify the fast-paced action you see in the demo.


He elaborated on the enemy creature shown in the trailer, which is a Galactic Federation droid called the E.M.M.I. These robots are sensitive to noise, so they begin searching when they hear Samus approach. They track with a field of vision, and if she's spotted in that cone, they will stop at nothing to hunt her down. The E.M.M.I. are invulnerable to her weapons, which lends the game a stealth element. You are encouraged to hide and utilize defensive strategies to make it out alive, including a new cloaking armor.

On top of the stealth aspect, "Metroid Dread" will bring back plenty of signature mechanics, like the morph ball, wall-jumping, and, of course, her deadly arm cannon. The game continues the tradition of free exploration while expanding Samus' abilities to include a slide, melee attacks, and more.