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Tragic Details About Dr Disrespect

Dr Disrespect, one of the biggest names in streaming, has suggested as recently as June 2021 that he may take a break from streaming altogether if he can't find a decent game to play, but the hardest moments in his life have been much more complicated than that. Dr Disrespect, despite his gruff demeanor, has a real human side, and has dealt with personal struggles just like anyone else. In his personal and professional life, Dr Disrespect isn't immune to bad times, even though his online persona may make him seem invincible.


Dr Disrespect has earned his reputation as the internet's biggest tough guy by portraying a larger than life character on stream. Guy Beahm originally thought it would be fun to bring his gamertag to life as an over the top showman, and he gradually built a persona and following that rocketed him to streaming success. Still, fame has its negatives, and Dr Disrespect hasn't been immune from sadness in his life.

The Doc experienced anxiety over his ban

After being abruptly and mysteriously banned from Twitch in 2020 and subsequently returning to YouTube, Dr Disrespect opened up about his struggles with anxiety. After hours of streaming, Dr Disrespect said, "I feel like I need to talk to you guys, right now. About how I've been really feeling about everything." And how he'd been feeling was stressed.


Despite his typically chaotic demeanor, which exudes a no-cares-given air, Dr Disrespect felt extremely upset after his ban, and began experiencing anxiety symptoms as a result. Dr Disrespect explained that he'd never really dealt with anxiety before, and that its sudden emergence in his life felt unexpected. According to the Doc, the shock of having his successful channel suddenly ripped away from him served as a major blow to his peace of mind. 

He said the biggest factor was "to have that all taken away from you, and to not know why." He added, "The fact that I am here live on YouTube, it's been a fantastic return. I'm telling you, it is. But my anxiety levels ... it's something that comes in these huge waves and I'm, I'm having a hard time dealing with it."


While no one knows for sure why Dr Disrespect was initially banned from Twitch, he has dropped hints that he might be entering into legal proceedings with the company.

Dr Disrespect suffered through child loss

There's no easy way to talk about the loss of a child. It's often a very personal matter, something kept private between a couple. However, that can be a difficult prospect when you're always in the public eye. In 2018, Dr Disrespect opened up and shared his experience with child loss with fans during a live stream. 


When a fan asked him if there would be a gender reveal for his new child, Dr Disrespect said, "Well, I've been trying to avoid it for a little bit ... unfortunately we, we lost it." It took a few moments for Dr Disrespect to say the words, and he was understandably emotional.

The Doc tried to maintain a positive attitude about the situation, saying, "We've got to focus on what's next." Later in the stream, fans began donating large amounts of money to Dr Disrespect to show their support. The Doc responded by saying, "I appreciate the support, but ladies and gentlemen, I am not here for sympathy. I never wanted to say it, right? To tell you guys... It's probably my fault, prematurely, to tell you guys so soon." Dr Disrespect asked fans not to donate to him out of sympathy, and insisted that he wants to move on and see what life holds for him next.


Ultimately, Dr Disrespect had an encouraging message for fans, and explained that some things in life are out of one's control.

Dr Disrespect had a brush with death

Shortly after the Doc returned to streaming on YouTube, he told his viewers about a recent brush with death that had occurred during his break. As reported by ComicBook.com, the now-deleted stream featured the Doc discussing a snorkeling mishap in the Bahamas, during which he found himself trapped in a coral reef.


"I was literally in the Bahamas for like four weeks in my private casa on this reef," the Doc said. "I almost drowned. I went in one of these coral reefs, inside one of these tunnels, and I almost couldn't find my way out." 

Dr Disrespect didn't share any more specific details about the incident, but it's scary nonetheless. Anyone who's ever been snorkeling knows that it can be difficult to find one's way in the water, especially if light conditions aren't optimal. While the streamer hasn't opted to discuss the scary accident further, it clearly made an impact on him.

Dr Disrespect's privacy was violently invaded

One drawback of streaming is that fans can occasionally become obsessive, viewing themselves as entitled to their favorite personality's home and life. Things become even more complicated when the streamer in question builds a bond with their audience by sharing personal details of their lives. Unfortunately, Dr Disrespect experienced an attack on his home that set off a wave of concern for streamers in general.


As Kotaku reported in September 2018, Dr Disrespect suddenly walked off camera for a moment in the middle of a stream, only to return without his trademark wig and glasses. He quickly explained to the audience that he had to end the stream because someone had shot at his house. Later, police confirmed that someone had indeed fired at the Doc's home, most likely with a BB gun. Dr Disrespect ran a message on his Twitch channel stating that he and his family were fine, but the incident left them shaken. 

The attack made a number of streamers question their own safety. Samantha Dey called the attack "obviously targeted" and questioned if she'd go to conventions in the future. Tabor Hill shared a similar experience that happened to him, saying that streamers have every right to be concerned for their families. Thankfully, everyone involved was safe and left the situation unscathed, even if it did raise questions about streamer privacy.