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Metroid Dread Is Correcting One Of The Series' Biggest Controversies

On Tuesday, June 15, 2021, Nintendo made "Metroid" fans' dreams come true with the announcement of "Metroid Dread," which has been in the works a lot longer than anyone realized. This is a big deal because the world has been waiting for a new adventure starring Samus Aran for quite a while. In fact, her controversial role in "Metroid: Other M" was the last time she was the protagonist of an all-new original entry in the series (not counting remakes or spin-offs). Because her portrayal nearly ruined that game for many fans, some may worry that the same could happen in "Metroid Dread." If "Metroid: Other M" left a bad taste in your mouth, you can take comfort in knowing that the upcoming game hopes to correct one of its biggest flaws.


Nintendo wants players to know that the overbearing presence of Samus' former commanding officer, Commander Adam Malkovich, will not be micromanaging the powerful protagonist in this game as he did in "Metroid: Other M" (or, to a lesser extent, in "Metroid Fusion"). 

During June 15's Nintendo Treehouse presentation, Nintendo Product Marketing Specialist Theresa Apolinario was discussing a communications room where Samus encounters Adam. Almost immediately, as if anticipating the collective teeth-gritting of fans everywhere, she made sure to clarify that he is a mere computer program on the ship. Apolinario once again stressed that Adam would not be bossing Samus around in any way.

Adam is backing off a bit

Fans took notice of Apolinario's caveat and responded well. One user commented, "I love how they're really stressing that adam isn't giving orders this time around. Gee, I wonder why lol." Another roughly quoted what the presenter said, then added "This dev team gets it!"


Why would Nintendo bring Adam back if even mentioning his name in the context of "Metroid" could draw the ire of fans everywhere? As the host explained, he is only "a point for lore," which is unavoidable since he was already a major presence in "Metroid Fusion," and "Metroid Dread" is a direct sequel. She reassured viewers that Samus is in control of this mission, giving the player the freedom to navigate however they choose.

But beyond causing the player to feel restricted, Adam's role in "Metroid: Other M" was controversial because of his dynamic with Samus. His domineering personality led the bounty hunter to appear uncharacteristically subservient. And everyone who follows series knows Samus is anything but.


Ultimately, fans are incredibly happy to see a new "Metroid" game coming out, and it looks as though after all these years, Samus will be back to her old self.