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This Breath Of The Wild 2 Power Might Not Be What You Think

Nintendo finally gave everyone another look at the sequel to "The Legend of Zelda: The Breath of the Wild," (commonly referred to as "Breath of the Wild 2") and the roughly 90 second trailer has people in a frenzy. Despite how short the trailer was, there was tons of new information to dissect and unpack, including Link's new look, a 2022 release window, and new powers. In the original "Breath of the Wild" Link had a number of powers at his disposal, courtesy of the Sheikah Slate. Here, it appears that his transformed arm may fulfill a similar purpose.


In the trailer for "Breath of the Wild 2," Link is shown controlling a spiky ball as it rolls back up a hill, following a trail of similar transparent spiky balls. At a glance, it looks like Link might be linking multiple spiky balls together and launching them up a hill with some kind of gravity-bending power. However, as one person on Twitter pointed out, it might be way cooler than it appears. 

Again, only one of the spiky balls appears to be real and solid, and all the others in the chain are transparent. It looks like Link might be reversing time for the spiky ball, causing it to follow its path down the hill, back up the hill.

Other Breath of the Wild 2 Details

Another aspect adding to the time-reversal theory is that all of the color drains from the world while Link is using the power, which would be odd if he was just pushing a ball up the hill. There's also the golden aura that surrounds the spiked balls, which is reminiscent of Link's time-manipulating Stasis ability from the first "Breath of the Wild."


That's not the only party trick Link has at his disposal in the trailer. Link is also shown using a flamethrower shield and phasing through a rock. While it is going to be awhile until fans get answers (based on that 2022 release window), it's clear that this trailer has already given people plenty of new theories to obsess over.

People have already busted out the red string, trying to tie this game to others in the series like "Skyward Sword" and "Majora's Mask." Even though the trailer just dropped, speculation has become so intense that Nintendo has had to comment on the comparisons being made to previous games. A Nintendo representative said that ultimately "Breath of the Wild 2" is its own unique entry in the series. What's more, the company has hinted that the game's true title would give away the thing that makes this sequel so special.